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Meet yourself

What would you do if you meet yourself in a public place? on a quite busy evening -as usual- trying to push myself harder to work on my research. My sister call me, hey you, “What would you do if...


The New Decade and I

Hussam Zaaim

All It Takes Is One Moment

Hussam Zaaim

Is Everything Okay At Home?

Had an interesting situation happen to me. This is me talking about it.

Hussam Zaaim

Ramadan Thought

I know that I was supposed to be posting things on a daily basis, but I felt that these posts should come naturally so they don’t seem forced. ((ربنا لا تحملنا مالا طاقة لنا به)) This Ayya...

Hussam Zaaim

Ramadan Thoughts

Ramadan Thoughts During the month of Ramadan, I want to share, on a daily basis, one good thing that I learned or a good thing that happened to me. This is in hopes that I try to see and share the...

Hussam Zaaim


Samthing On My Mind Hussam’s Personal Blog Striving to improve my ability to share and connect more with people me, I came up with Samthing On My Mind as a medium for me to keep my thoughts out...

Hussam Zaaim

Did you know?

You scattered all my cards Every night I spruce them so you wake to the sweetest words You scattered all my cards But in your eyes my passion and in your lips my drowning You scattered everything...

Fahad AlDaajani

Out of the Past

My mind drifted back into the past a typical blend of pain and happiness slowly crept into my heart. I began to savor the moments I once thought would last. Fondly, I looked at the snapshot of us...

Novzkee Alfonso

Tiny Dot

There are more than 7 billion people on earth, 7 billion breathing human beings, 7 billion thoughts being thought or dreams being imagined, 7 billion people walking, working, sitting or sleeping, 7...

سلطان الخيّال

Somewhere far away

A short text that was written in a certain mood

MOhammed Ghanem🥀🔥

1: Ground Rules

I’m depressed. No, listen — I’m depressed as fuuuuck. And I would rather be less depressed. So here I am, trying to curate my way to a breezier brain. Here, I will collect little things (or...

Taylor Feld

A Tribute to Richard Peck

A Story of Tribute I was saddened this morning to hear of Richard Peck’s passing. I met him once, after being blown away by so many of his books, and having just attended an amazing workshop he’d...

Greg R. Fishbone

Butt on Train

Butt on TrainMy Four-Hour Writing Commute The price of living where we live is a commute of about two hours in each direction, on days when I consult downtown. And yet, those days have actually...

Greg R. Fishbone

Reasons to be happy: an endless list

Reasons to be happy a never ending list 1. Love for the sea 2. Pretty glitter on nail paints and skin 3. Slub cotton fabric against skin 4. Money to travel 5. Ted talks 6. Weekends 7. Coming to...


Into The Abyss

We get born, drink milk, eat cereals, study hard, make friends, get jobs, fall in love and get married. Our lives, communities, and logical minds say: “time to relax and settle”. Yet, our hearts...


Taking the Leap

Something recently happened to me. What exactly is unimportant. What is important, though, is that it left me questioning and struggling with most aspects of my life. It also made me realise that I...

Karin Andrea

Underlying Ego

When I first laid eyes on her I thought “eh, she seems nice”. Did not think much of her back then. Then we had our first interaction, and she grew a little on me. Then we had our first meeting, and...

Caro Miranda

The Kochi Experience

Kochi (also known as Cochin) is a city in southwest India's coastal Kerala state. It has been a port since 1341, when a flood carved out its harbor and opened it to Arab, Chinese and European...

Rish h

1st Post - About Me

By Simone Staffa18/03/2018 Hi everybody, I’m Simone Staffa a young Computer Science student from Rome and this is my first blog post ever on the web. This post is autobiographic, to let you know...

Simone Staffa
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