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Importance of Group Work

Group work should be inculcated in every classroom along with other methods of learning. It appears that group work takes more time to complete a course but a well-managed group work may not only take

Dennis Kempuk


After finishing a dissertation, it is easy to get complacent. The student is feeling accomplished. They feel as if the battle has been won. In doing so, they ignore the biggest threat to their...

Tim Harry

Are You Struggling With Your Studies? Here’s What You Need t

Daniel James

Creative Essay Writers

A case study is an accurate measure to analyse a problem in focus. Fundamentally, when you’re composing a case study, you are necessitated to explore the key themes, interpret collected data, and...

Ethan Carter


How often have you wanted to scream on top of your lungs ‘No homework, please!’? More than you can ever recall. However, as this wish of yours is not granted, you modify your request statement and...

Sarah McGlashan

How Amazon Alexa Can Impact Education?

Students understand smart technology today so Alexa has a big role to play in education and reference.

Jignesh Thanki

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أكاديمية تعليمية تسعى لبناء طفل مسؤول، ذو شخصية مستقلة، يجمع بين المعاصرة والأصالة، من خلال تطبيق نظام المنتسوري بأسلوب متوافق مع خصوصيات المجتمع والقيم الإسلامية

أكاديمية إنسان

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Causes of Academic Stress For Students

Anthony Anson

مصطلحات مناعية

IMMUNOLOGY QUOTE There are receptors to these molecules in your immune system, in your gut and in your heart. So when you say, 'I have a gut feeling' or 'my heart is sad' or 'I am bursting with...


level A1 lesson 1 Be - Present Tense

Lesson OneBe - Present TenseSubject + verbSingularI amYou areHe isShe isIt isPluralWe areYou areThey areWrite in your notebook.Subjects: I, you, he, she, it, we, and they."You" is singular or...


Lab Assignment CS281

AssignmentCS248LABTwitter Modeling Elaaf Salem Alsaddie 3653976 Haya Abdullah Alhazzani 3653041 Use Case Diagram First, we referred to Twitter web client to discover the options available when...


A Heap of Sand

Working with children is a joyful challenge; it requires super-powers that allow you to see the elephant in the boa every day in a different way!You need a super-vision to see the warrior palace in...

أ.هيله الأنصاري

The World is My Classroom

A great teacher is a great student As an early childhood teacher; I believe that teaching children cannot be separated from motherhood, and that tiny sprinkle of motherhood is not something we...

أ.هيله الأنصاري

NAPLAN Grade 3 Preparation Tips

NAPLAN Grade 3 Preparation Tips Preparing a child for any exam is a tough task. And when it comes to preparing for a child for an exam which is not generally conducted by their schools, then good...

Jazz Kaur
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