Tunnel Vision

The fires are ever-growing

And hate is ever-green

A child won’t eat tonight

Bullet casings, crowds scream

Cries are always distant

When they’re not our own

In our cocoons of leisure

We don’t see the drones

To avoid feeling uncomfortable

We feign blissful ignorance

These fragile picket fences

Are a sign of our indifference

Carefully locked away

In the back of our minds

We sit and enjoy our freedom

While tuning out foreign cries

How easy it is to detest

That which we don’t understand

So we slay our own brothers

For things as fleeting as oil and sand

How cruel and stupid are we

To only treasure life that’s our own

False pretenses of superiority

Out of corpses we build our thrones

With stained cheeks, I wonder

Did we always have black hearts?

Why are we any more important?

When did our stardust drive us apart?