Writing a Non-plagiarized Essay: Tips and Tricks - 2022

Essay writing is one of the most important tasks provided to students by teachers in order to help improve their writing skills and creativity. Among the important things involved in writing for dissertation writers is avoiding plagiarism. 

It might seem easier and quicker to get done with your task, but it is never authentic. If caught, it can also lead to consequences. Professional essay writer provide several tips that can help reduce plagiarism. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Plagiarism checker tools have proven to be helpful in removing plagiarism over the last couple of years. There are a handful of tools, but the four most used tools are PlagScan, Research Guide Plagiarism, PlagTracker, and Prepostseo. PlagScan is an online tool that can identify every single portion of the assignment that may contain plagiarized content. The second tool, Research Guide Plagiarism Checker, is helpful in removing plagiarism, and its benefit is that it is completely confidential, credible, and free.

  2. Use a thesaurus to look for synonyms for different words, adjectives, or verbs. You can even look for different phrases with the same meanings. However, you should be careful that the meaning of the new word you are choosing to write should matches the original word so it does not disrupt the meaning of the statement, as it is the most important component.

  3. Using your original ideas is a perfect way to avoid plagiarism, as you are literally using your own words that have not been written yet; therefore, they cannot be plagiarized. Instead of thinking, “if any write my paper service can help me?” Consider doing your work yourself using your own ideas. Every individual has separate opinions expressed in different words because they look at things in different ways. Writing your thoughts adds uniqueness.

  4. Paraphrasing your written content can guarantee unique content. Rearranging the words of the sentences can change the structure. Your essay's language, voice, and tone turn out to be different from the original written piece, and, most importantly, the meaning remains the same. In simpler words, when you paraphrase content, you are writing the author’s opinions in another’s voice.

  5. Rearrange listed things to avoid plagiarism. If there is a comma-separated list of names or items, try re-ordering them. If the original sentence is, “Can you please bring some apples, oranges, bananas, and a dozen eggs from the shop?” you can change it to, “Can you please bring a dozen eggs and some oranges, bananas, and apples from the shop?”

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  1. Avoid using a single reference to get distinctive content. To get different wordings and opinions on the same topic, you are writing on, you can search around for multiple sources. You can take a couple of sentences or words from one article and use another reference to write the next sentences. You still have to be careful about changing words without changing the meaning.

  2. Acknowledging the source from which you copied a statement is the final and most important step to avoiding plagiarism. It may be a quote by a notable figure which is not meant to be rephrased. You should include quotation marks at the start and end of the sentence to enclose it and mention the author’s name, the book’s title, or any other important detail, if available. 

If you think you are still confused about the concept and thinking, “can someone help write my essay?” You can always contact your teachers or peers who will help you write your essay and avoid any issues like plagiarism.

However, you can always consult an online platform or service if you do not have the time and are wondering, “who can help me to write my essay for me?” due to other commitments. They have professional writers that can help you complete your work.

Online platforms do not provide any essay writer free online service. There is always a fee they will ask for in order to complete your work error-free and plagiarism-free. 


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