What to Do When Inspiration Strikes

I don’t know about you, but whenever inspiration strikes me, I get a tingle all the way up my spine. It’s like some cosmic force has presented me with an idea and it’s all I can do to hold on while it runs away with me.

It’s a good feeling. Most writers live for this feeling.

And writing when it’s not around is hard.

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To be honest, writing this blog post is like pulling teeth. I’m not feeling particularly inspired today. I’d rather go read or try my hand at song writing again or watch some random YouTube videos. I want to write this blog post but the inspiration (ironically) just isn’t showing up.

And I think it must be a rule that you can write about something with more clarity when you’re not immediately faced with it. So today, we’re talking about inspiration: how to handle it, what to do with it, and how to prepare yourself for the times when inspiration is nowhere to be found.



Before you spring into action with the tips below, allow yourself the chance to revel in the feeling of inspiration. Take two seconds and let yourself be grateful and excited that inspiration decided to grace you with its presence.

Then get to work!



When inspiration strikes, drop everything (as much as you can) and record whatever comes to mind. Whether you record yourself talking, scribble it down in a notebook, or type a flurry on your computer, just get it all out of your head.

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Keep typing/writing/talking until you can’t anymore. Follow all rabbit trails, random character names, weird plot points, creature ideas, plot bunnies, everything.



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