Improve Eyesight With This Eye Strengthening Exercise

Contrary to what you may have been taught in school, glasses and lasik surgery are not the only solution for myopia and hyperopia. In fact, it is quite possible to improve your vision with revision20 dietary supplement. If you are interested, listen to it, because in this post I will show you the exercises I do every day to keep my eyes healthy.

Contrary to what you have been taught, it is possible to rebuild your vision. However, contrary to what most letters may tell you, the process is not always quick, although some feel a quick improvement. It takes time and in fact, in the years of my life, the biggest reason for failing to improve my physical vision was the failure to maintain commitment.

Generally, every year you wear glasses, it takes about a month to improve your eyesight. So, if you wear glasses for 15 years, you should expect to practice for 15 months. At first I wore glasses for 14 whole years, but it took me 8 months to get rid of the -5.00 glasses to live my life without glasses.

It is worth noting that your eyes have not gotten worse overnight. It took months and probably years of illegal use and therefore you should not wait for the solution to repair the damage overnight. In fact, anything that promises immediate improvement (like lasik) should generally be avoided!

That said, let's start with the basic eye exercises you can do.

The exercise I will show you is called the palm. What it does is weaken the eye muscles. Contrary to many's "eyesight magicians", your eye muscles are not "weak" - they are tense. The habit of staring, staring and not resting are some of the causes of chronic stress.

For the palms, simply place your palms (ie the name) on your closed eyes to block out any light. Then just imagine what fun it is. It can be anything from a flowerbed to a range of mountains - if that solves you, that is, of course, the purpose of this ReVision application.

I know it's easy to make palms, but believe me it's not. Many of us have not imagined anything for so long that we lose our ability to see photos. My only advice if you are one of these people is to exercise. Take 10 minutes, 2-3 times a day and do it religiously. If you try to palm for an hour continuously on your first attempt, you may give up on the 3rd day because you will not see any results. It takes weeks or months, so go slow and consistent.

Most people admit that their eyesight has deteriorated since they started wearing glasses. In fact, they became helpless and relied on their glasses almost immediately when they started wearing them. How did this happen?

Most people go to an optometrist with low vision problems and are given glasses quickly. When they wear new glasses for the first time, their eyesight feels unnatural, narrow and blurred. His eyes are at first against the glasses.

The optometrist will say: # 1 "Do not worry that you will get used to them" and # 2 "Yes, wear these glasses for the rest of your life". If another doctor tells you to do something "for the rest of your life", you will be very curious about his advice.

However, people just follow the instructions of the optometrist and start using ReVision supplements. They get used to it quickly and do not think much about it. Soon, however, people notice that their previous vision is blurred and damaged without glasses. They can not get over it now and depend on their glasses.