Meet The Parents

Top Ten Datig Tips

So you've been dating for months now and things are just peachy. Naturally he wants to introduce you to his parents (trust me it's a good thing if he does, it means he considers you to be long term), but wait a minute, what if they don't like you? What if they don't approve of your relationship? What if you're about to meet the in-laws from hell?

You're freaking out, i know, but dial down the panic mode. These things always seem worse than they are, but just in case, here's a meet the parents survival guide from Alex Wise a Loveawake dating site coach, to give you a helping hand.

1. Be polite, but not so polite that you're practically killing them with kind words and compliments. Nobody likes a kiss ass.

2. Don't dress like a hooker, save your cleavage top for Saturday night. Having your love cushions on red alert might get his Dad's attention, but his Mum will be less than impressed at the site of your Wonderbra. So keep the backless, the strapless and the skirt that looks like a belt, safely hidden in the wardrobe.

3. Don't dress like a Nun, it's not the 1800's, showing a bit of leg won't get you arrested. If you're wearing a floor length skirt, a polo neck jumper, a baggy cardigan, a fleece and an anorak, you've gone too far.

4. Do some digging. Ask your boyfriend to spill the beans on what his parents' likes and dislikes are, that way you can nod and grimace in all the right places.

5. Prepare for the interrogation. What do you do for a living? What do your parents do? How long have you known each other? Where did you meet? Be truthful, however if you met in a dingy pub when you were just too drunk to say no, don't be afraid to tweak the story a little to get the awww factor.

6. Get the Mum on side, if you can bond with her then you've got it in the bag, you'll be daughter-in-law of the year in no time.

7. Compliment the food. If it's dinner at their house make sure you gobble up that pie like it's going out of fashion, even if it's terrible and pastry makes you bloat.

8. Be cheerful, just because you're dreading this doesn't mean you should show it. Turn that frown upside down and smile like you're advertising toothpaste.

9. Ask questions, don't forget that you're there to meet them too, so find out what they're really like. Ask them about their hobbies, talk about current events, this is your chance to see where your boyfriend came from.

10. The baby album. Make sure to pay a special interest in the photographs on the mantelpiece, you never know, his Mother might just show you the embarrassing baby pics you've been dying to see.