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Arctic Blast is a supplement that eliminates the pain of arthritis without any pharmaceutical interference. The remedy is applied topically, requiring less than a minute to make a major change in the body.Arctic Blast Pain Reliever Reviews (2022) - Kevin Richardson's Arctic Blast is a powerful supplement for relieving joint and back pain and promoting muscle recovery. Any side effects? Read this review before ordering! 

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  • What is Arctic Blast?

    Chronic pain is an incredible problem, especially when the solutions are limited. While there is physical therapy and medication, no one wants to be locked into an ongoing cycle that can lead to lasting damage and potentially addiction. There are natural ingredients and supplements in the industry today, but are any of them truly powerful enough to help? Arctic Blast might.

    Arctic Blast helps consumers who have to deal with lower back pain, joint pain, muscle cramps, and stiffness regularly. However, the main purpose of the formula is to help with arthritis. Interestingly, rather than waiting about an hour for the effects to settle in, the creators boast that this formula works in a matter of 54 seconds or less. The pain turns off like it’s a switch.

    Based on the most recent reports, there are no side effects associated with using Arctic Blast. However, the same cannot be said of products like Tylenol, Aleve, and Advil. In fact, there are some warnings on the labels of these products that they should not be used for more than a certain amount of time at the risk of liver damage.


    Arctic Blast is an innovative daily supplement that eliminates inflammation and lowers chronic pain in individuals with natural ingredients.
    This unique formula isn’t medicine and helps with back pain, arthritis, headaches, muscle cramps, and more. We reach out to pain medications for instant pain relief whether it is for arthritis or migraine.

    Although these medications work at the moment, their effect is almost always masking the pain but not addressing the root cause.
    Prescription painkillers are attractive for their availability. However, there is a risk of getting addicted to them.
    Furthermore, prolonged exposure to some pain killers could damage the small filtering in the kidney there by resulting in analgesic nephropathy.


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    This is the reason why people are turning to unconventional pain relief supplements. Most of these are made from natural ingredients which are safe to use.
    Arctic Blast is available in form of drops and has been developed by Nutriomo Labs Pte Ltd. it has been developed based on years of experience by Kevin Richardson, a pain specialist.
    Arctic Blast supplement has been formulated based on Kevin’s extensive knowledge. The formula is backed by extensive research and is not addictive unlike most of OTCs.


    Cost of Arctic Blast Pain Reliever
    Arctic Blast has been formulated to assist you to lead a pain-free life.
    You can purchase genuine Arctic Blast supplements from the official website of Artic Blast supplements to place your order.
    Currently, you have three options to purchase this innovative supplement.
    ● Six bottles of Arctic Blast would cost you $199.95
    ● Three bottles of Arctic Blast would cost you $139.95
    ● One bottle of Arctic Blast would cost you $199.95

How does Arctic Blast pain relief supplement work?

The main research for the outstanding effects of Arctic Blast Pain Relieving Liquid is due to a special ingredient known as DMSO, or Dimethyl Sulphoxide.
This nutrient is completely natural and highly powerful. The main powerful ingredient in this Artic Blast blend is the DMSO.
This nutrient is immensely powerful but the manufacturers of this supplement believe that several drug companies drove it away from people’s reach.
They were likely afraid that it would cut down their profits. Fortunately, you can now get DMSO in the form of an Arctic Blast Pain reliever Reviews.
DMSO has been used extensively by lead athletes and professionals due to its ability to support natural healing.
Arctic Blast pain reliever drops can also help in quick recovery during injuries and heals many conditions almost instantly such as hamstring issues, tennis elbow, Achilles tendon injuries and others.
DMSO is truly effective and it beats out various other common ingredients used in most pain-relieving supplements.
For instance, glucosamine and turmeric may be ideal for joint support. However, neither of these has been approved.
Likewise, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid may be effective for joint pain, but they haven’t been tested extensively and approved. In contrast, some form of DMSO has been approved for use in pain-relieving treatments.
Arctic Blast uses DMSO for penetrating the deeper layers of your tissues to reach the damaged muscles and joints and deliver rapid pain relief.
DMSO also helps in transporting camphor and menthol to the affected areas for providing more soothing pain relief.
The ingredients added to the Arctic Blast supplement work together and individually to offer instant relief.
The drops have been formulated to make them easily penetrate the skin and provide pain relief while promoting accelerated wound healing.


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DMSO, which is the key ingredient, interacts with nerves blocking pain from the place of origin thereby offering pain relief in seconds.
Some of the ingredients in Arctic Blast reduce swelling. When coupled with the anti-inflammatory properties of some of the other ingredients, this supplement is ideal for managing rheumatoid arthritis and sprains.
The formula also has muscle relaxation properties that relieve menstrual cramps and tight muscles from overuse.
The St. John’s Wort Oil added to the Arctic Blast blend offers respite from depression, anxiety, and stress. Apart from helping with a mood disorder, the supplement also helps relax and treat insomnia.
The Arctic Blast formula also has a soothing effect and makes you relaxed and less stressed. Peppermint oil in the supplement gives the drops a distinct smell that makes it soothing to apply.
Apart from soothing muscle aches and pain, peppermint also has anti-aging properties thereby making your skin brighter and tighter.


The reason that this formula is so effective it’s because it includes a nutrient called DMSO. DMSO is completely natural, but the creators behind Arctic Blast say that there are many drug companies that pushed it out of the industry. Ultimately, it became unavailable for anyone to receive to heal their bodies. Now, the only way to seemingly get DMSO is to use Arctic Blast.

DMSO husband is used by many athletes for its natural healing abilities, supporting the healing of hamstrings, issues in the Achilles tendon, and even from a tennis elbow. It is easy to see how effective DMSO truly is, and it easily beats out other common supplements on the market right now.

For instance, turmeric and glucosamine may be beneficial for supporting the joints, but neither of them has FDA approval. The same can be said of chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. Rather than being available as a capsule or powder, it is available as a serum that is topically applied where the pain is. This molecular structure penetrates deeply into the layers of the skin to reach the painful joints.

Ingredients found in Arctic Blast Drops:

Arctic Blast is a unique blend of natural, safe ingredients that includes:
● Dimethyl Sulfoxide
According to the developers of Arctic Blast Review, the pain-relieving supplement is primarily made with Dimethyl Sulphoxide (DMSO). It is an organosulfur compound that is a byproduct of wood pulp and a derivative of lignin.
This ingredient can be taken orally, used intravenously, and applied topically. It can also be combined with other ingredients or used as a stand-alone supplement.
DMSO used in the Arctic Blast formula helps in decreasing pain, increasing the rate of healing wounds, burns, skeletal injuries, and muscle pain.
Its attribute for promoting accelerated healing and relieving pain makes it popular among athletes and sports players.
● Peppermint Oil
This oil is extracted from the leaves and flowering parts of the peppermint plant. It is mainly used as a flavoring agent in both beverages and food.
Apart from being a flavoring agent, peppermint oil has also been used for treating digestive issues in India, Egypt, Rome, and Greece.
Peppermint oil is used in the Arctic Blast supplement for its antispasmodic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties.
The active elements in this ingredient include menthol, limonene, and carvacrol which make it effective against GI, IBS, and headache.

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● Camphor Oil
This oil is extracted from the chipped wood and steam, root stumps, and the branches of the Camphor tree. It is a common ingredient in pain relief medication and topical analgesics.
It is used in the Arctic Blast because of its capacity to interact with sensory nerve receptors thereby helping in relieving pain, and muscle aches and stimulating blood circulation in the region.
● Emu Oil
Emu oil is a byproduct of processed fat tissues from the emu bird. It is found predominantly in the United States, Canada, and Australia.
The oil is rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. This oil included in the Arctic Blast supplement is rich in antioxidant compounds such as phospholipids, tocopherol, flavones, and carotenoids.
It is used in the formula for lowering inflammation and soothing muscle aches and arthritic joint pain.
● St. John’s Wort Oil
This oil is extracted from the flowering tops of a flowering plant in the Hypericum Perfuctum family. It is characterized by its bright yellow flowers.
It functions as a muscle relaxant, especially for menstrual cramps. It is also a mild tranquilizer and anti-inflammatory agent for lowering arthritic swelling.
The oil speeds up the healing of wounds and also relieves tension. This is the reason why it has found a place in the Arctic Blast blend.


Arctic Blast Pain Reliever Reviews – Final Words:

Arctic Blast effectively relieves chronic pain and is safe from harsh chemical compounds that could pose a further risk in the future.
This supplement is rich in natural, potent ingredients that ensure a limited risk of developing any unwanted side effects.
It also includes free bonus gifts that are availably instantly soon after the purchase.
Furthermore, there are fairly positive reviews offered by the users hinting that it is quite effective. The extended one-year money-back guarantee makes the Arctic Blast a risk-free purchase.
If you want to manage your pain issues properly, then investing in Arctic Blast is worth it for its incredible effects, affordable price, great value, and informative bonus gifts.

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