What is a VPN and what are the benefits of using it?

What is a VPN?

As you know, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which, as a virtual private network, increases your security, privacy and freedom in the organization when operating on the Internet. With a VPN, all your data traffic is sent through an encrypted virtual tunnel. This encryption prevents hackers and profiteers from accessing your organizational information.

When data enters the public Internet from the tunnel, the IP address is changed and your original IP is no longer sent to the web server. When using VPN, you still need a router or internet service provider; However, all your information is encrypted and will not be changed until it reaches the VPN server; Therefore, companies will not have access to your information.

What is VPN encryption?

The HTTPS protocol on the web means that much of what you browse is encrypted. Unfortunately, there are other things that are used on the Internet that are not included in this feature, such as the use of torrents. Even when it comes to web browsing, some sites are still not secure. Because it leaves security holes open. This is where a VPN comes in handy.

Encrypting and securing the communication tunnel is the job of VPN. That is, the conduit that connects your device to VPN servers. This means that the connection between your device and the VPN service is locked.

After purchasing a vpn (خرید vpn پرسرعت), it encrypts all your internet traffic including your browser, chat programs or anything else on the internet. So your connection will be encrypted even if you use an insecure site.

However, encryption slows down the connection. Most VPN services use a form of encryption called AES. This type of coding is also used by governments and financial institutions.

Benefits of using a VPN

Hide IP address
Among the biggest benefits of a VPN is that it changes your IP address. An IP is a number that is automatically assigned to your network and is similar to a home address. Since websites can detect your location through your IP address, you may not be able to access some blocked sites due to geo-blocking.

However, with a VPN you can bypass these restrictions. When you connect to a VPN server in another country, you are assigned an IP address from that country. Basically, you hide your IP address and replace it with the VPN server address. With the new IP, you can now visit foreign websites and hide your country's IP, so that site recognizes that you live in another country.

Encrypt internet traffic
  A VPN encrypts your data traffic. This prevents hackers from accessing important data such as your bank account and financial information.
This is very important because there are many risks involved when using public Wi-Fi. We always recommend using a VPN when using public Internet Wi-Fi.

Internet security
Security is one of the most important benefits of using a VPN. When browsing the Internet, a VPN creates a fully encrypted tunnel to transfer data between the server and your computer so that no information is shared with third parties. This encryption is almost impossible to crack.

Download files safely and anonymously
When downloading files from the Internet, because your IP address is hidden and your connection is encrypted, third parties can no longer find out what exactly you are doing or who you are. They cannot see what is being downloaded over a secure VPN connection. For example, this is a very useful advantage for those who work from home and manage sensitive company information. Privacy and anonymity are guaranteed, or at least greatly enhanced, when using a VPN.

However, even with a VPN, it's important to remember some internet safety tips. Do not download suspicious files. This means don't click on suspicious email links or attachments and don't download exe files from unknown sources.

Save money on online shopping
Saving on online shopping is one of the other benefits of buying a VPN (خرید فیلترشکن کریو برای اندروید). Online shopping prices can sometimes vary based on the country you are visiting. For example, an item from a UK IP address may cost you more than someone using an Indian IP address.

  A VPN allows you to connect to servers from around the world. Since you can be a citizen of almost any country around the world, this allows you to take advantage of the best international rates. In many cases, it even allows you to buy plane tickets at a lower price.

Improving the experience of online games with better speed and security
Since all your internet traffic is encrypted when you use a VPN, your actual location also changes. In this way, a VPN allows you to play online games that may be restricted in your country. Or even the game you want to play is released in your country later than other countries. No more waiting with a VPN. Just choose a server in the desired country and enjoy the game. Another advantage of buying a VPN () is that, if you are unfairly booted from a server, you can rejoin it with a quick change of IP address.

As a result, VPNs also offer a safer online gaming experience. By purchasing a VPN (خرید v2ray ارزان) , you will no longer have to worry about DDoS attacks. Encryption from a VPN provides an extra layer of security and makes it much harder for attackers to target you. In addition, by purchasing a high-speed VPN, you will have a smooth experience of online games and you will no longer experience high latency and ping.

Use VPN on multiple devices with just one account
The best VPN providers allow you to use the same account on multiple devices. This means that, for example, you can encrypt the connection of your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet and work laptop at the same time. VPN providers offer up to 5 connections with a single subscription. Some providers even provide easy instructions on how to set up a VPN on your modem, so everyone using your network can reap the benefits of a VPN.

This way, you can increase the privacy and security of all your devices when purchasing a VPN (خرید سیسکو  ) with just one subscription. A VPN helps you protect your kids online while still being able to watch Netflix series.

The best way to connect to a VPN

No filter breaker is recommended as the best Android filter yet, because due to legal restrictions and changes in security protocols in different regions of the world, the effectiveness of filter breakers may vary. However, some popular and widely used Android blockers are as follows:
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