Best Things to Do While Vacationing in Sussex, England

Finding a place to spend your next vacation can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re looking for range of things to do. Some locations are only able to provide certain activities based on the regular weather and environment, while others make it a priority to keep locals and tourists entertained in more ways than one. Sussex, England falls under the second category.

If you’ve never been to this county before or have stuck around in certain areas more than others, then this guide will let you know what you can do to shake things up. Options include both indoor and outdoor activities. Take a look at the list below for the best things to do while vacationing in Sussex.


Spring is right around the corner, and this is an opportunity to get some fresh air and bathe in the sunshine you’ve been missing all throughout winter. Sussex is home to a variety of towns designated for camping-related activities, such as Hove and Brighton. You can go fishing, hiking, biking, or lay in the grass while gazing at stars.

There are plenty of Kent and Sussex holiday cottages that will help you feel closer to nature while relaxing after a long day out under the sun. This also helps you obtain peace and quiet that is hard to come by in more populated areas.

Indoor sports

Rainy days can limit your options on what to do during your free time, but the right county can have the right rainy day options. This can be an even bigger issues if you’re on vacation with your family and in search of a place that offers activities for people of different ages. That’s where indoor sports facilities come in.

Some towns in Sussex offer the chance to do somerock climbing, which should work for people who love venturing up real cliffs. Such facilities might offer spaces for badminton, ping pong, volleyball, and bowling, if you want to do something different with family or friends.

Days on the beach

If you happen to have some time off coming up, spending your break at any of the beaches in Sussex is definitely something worth considering. These beaches offer volleyball nets in case you want to stay active during your stay, as well as spots for just laying in the sun and working on your tan.

The piers at these beaches are perfect for taking a boat out on the water and trying to catch fish big enough to show off to everyone back at home. Having lunch and beer on board will make this activity much more enjoyable.

Visiting animals

There are certain facilities designed to showcase a variety of animals that you wouldn’t typically run across in your backyard. If you want to take your friends and family to zoos and parks on your next vacation, you’ll be happy to know that Sussex has plenty of options.

Some of the options include farms and parks that let you feed llamas, rabbits, horses, and other creatures that are more on the harmless side. However, there are larger zoos that will let you take pictures of lions, bears, tigers, elephants, rhinos, gorillas, and other larger mammals from around the world.

Touring through castles

Some countries are known for providing particular buildings and monuments to tour through that aren’t available anywhere else, and England is no exception. It’s hard to pass up a chance to walk through castles and learn about how they were used, and this makes for an adventurous vacation activity for a break from more thrilling alternatives.

Some castles in Sussex, from Hastings to Herstmonceux, feature their original historic designs, as certain options have been left unretouched to show off their structures, while others have received updates to keep them standing. We advise taking as many pictures as possible to ensure a unique photo collection worthy of sharing with friends and family.

Exploring museums

As much as we want to use our vacations for fun and games, these breaks also serve as a chance to get more educated on a variety of fields. Museums can show you parts of history you didn’t know about, as well as the advancements people have made in science and technology over the course of a millennium.

Sussex is not short on options for museums, such as The Observatory Science Centre for those who are interested in technological achievements and Seaford Museum for people who want to learn about history. Wings Museum also showcases WWII artifacts which would certainly interest war buffs.

Keep these options in mind so that you can have a blast in Sussex.