5 Interesting Facts About Coffee

Coffee. Java. Joe. Whatever you call it, there’s no escaping it. As one of the world’s most important drinks, it seems as though you can’t go more than a block without walking by an artisan roaster or the newest location in a popular chain. But how much do you really know about this caffeinated concoction? Here are five piping hot coffee facts.

1. New Yorkers love coffee.

Like, really, really love coffee. In fact, it’s estimated that residents of the Big Apple consumer nearly seven times as much coffee as other cities in the US. It makes sense that New York is often called “The City That Never Sleeps.” It’s probably because of all of the caffeine. Many residents even rely on a coffee subscription to stay caffeinated.

2. People have tried to ban the bean.

Move over, Prohibition. Coffee was the one of the first liquids to be considered a threat to the public. As recently as the 1700s, various governments around the world made attempts to ban coffee because it was thought to encourage “bizarre activity” and “rebellious thought.” Which it does. Especially if you drink too much. Maybe they were on to something...

3. Coffee for kittens?

The world’s oldest cat was 38 and loved its morning coffee. There have been numerous reports of pet owners allowing their feline friends to partake of coffee here and there. Allegedly, it has been shown to extend several cats’ lives, though this doesn’t mean you should run out and buy Fluffy a Frappuccino.

4. ’Til death do us part...or until the coffee pot breaks.

There have been plenty of stories full of whacky reasons for divorce but an old Turkish tradition takes the cake. Or scone. Or whatever you like to dip in your brews. In Turkey, it used to be that a groom had to make a vow during his wedding to always provide his bride with coffee. If he didn’t? Grounds for divorce.

5. Crunching on your coffee.

Sure, you’ve probably enjoyed a chocolate-covered espresso bean here and there, but have you ever just grabbed a handful of plain coffee beans, popped them in your mouth, and start chewing away? Sounds gross, right? Believe it or not, this used to be the primary method of coffee consumption. Good thing some fads fade.


While these are definitely some of the weirder facts about everyone’s favorite beverage, it’s only fitting for a drink that has such a storied history. From its introduction in ancient ages to its current status as the only thing that makes Mondays bearable, it seems as though coffee might just keep getting weirder.