5 Reasons to Incorporate Swimming Into Your Workout Routine

As beneficial as working out can be, we sometimes get stuck in the same routine. If you’re looking for a more refreshing workout that also offers varying levels of intensity, swimming might be the perfect fit. Due to the diversity of exercises and control of movements, swimming is perfect for beginners and more experienced athletes.

Here are some of the reasons why you should add swimming your fitness routine:

It's fun and convenient

First and foremost, pool workouts can be extremely fun. If you happen to live in an area like Winter Haven, Davenport, Tampa, or Lakeland, you might already have a pool in your own backyard. Instead of just watching the kids hang out in the pool, you can use it to create a healthier lifestyle. Some of the best pool workouts include arm lifts, jumping jacks, and leg kicks.

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Swimming is great for weight loss.

While a more intense cardio workout might come to mind first when considering weight loss, swimming is also an effective way to lose weight. Swimming is a full-body workout that allows you to tone and strengthen your body, while being a bit more fun than other types of cardio.

Depending on the movement, different parts of your body will be targeted. For example, while the backstroke will get you those 6-pack abs and tone your back, the butterfly stroke will target your arms and shoulders.

You lose weight with swimming the same way you would with any exercise — by keeping your heart rate up and burning extra calories. Studies show that swimming can be more or less effective at weight loss than other exercises, but it varies depending on your individual lifestyle. Either way, swimming breaks the monotony of walking, jogging, and running.

It's great for recovery

Even if swimming is not your primary form of exercise, its recovery benefits make adding it to your routine worthwhile. “Active recovery” is when you perform a low-intensity workout after completing a more strenuous one.

study conducted by the International Journal of Sports Medicine found that athletes who participated in recovery swims were able to post significantly better running times the next day. The same study reported that there were lower levels of C-Reactive Protein (CRP), which plays a role in muscle inflammation.

A good recovery routine can help with fatigue, moods, stiffness, and discomfort, which is why many gym-goers add this step to the end of their routines.

It helps with rehabilitation

If you have suffered from a recent injury and need to take it easy, swimming is a way to stay active without putting a strain on your body. The water is able to provide an effective workout while still remaining gentle due to buoyancy. This offers resistance, but at the same time, allows you to stay afloat.

Water activities also put less pressure on your body and joints, which is why those with knee injuries often find that pool workouts are more comfortable. The same applies to those with back problems, as you can try different movements that will have less stress on the area.

Swimming is a more holistic exercise

Swimming can be an excellent option for those looking for a more holistic approach to working out. Getting your spirit, mind, and body aligned is a top priority, which is why you might also engage in activities like yoga in your backyard. There are actual stretches you can do outside of the pool that will help with your movements inside of the pool. Learn more about incorporating a more holistic approach to you everyday life from Ancestral Essentials, a platform that is dedicated to teaching you about holistic products and services, along with recipes you can use for a more balanced diet.

It is also important to do a wide range of activities while swimming to keep your mind sharp. Incorporate kicks, different strokes, and sprints to stay balanced.