Creative Ways to Pay For a Vacation

Vacations shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for people with only the highest incomes. In fact, most mental health professionals view them as a necessity for everyone because of their many benefits. Even a short vacation can increase your life satisfaction, benefiting psychological wellness, work enjoyment, and social relationships. It can also help you sleep better, improve your mood, and boost your creativity.

Unfortunately, though, vacations can be expensive. If you don’t have paid time off, going away could result in a loss of wages. And even if you do, the trip itself can cost a fortune. But that shouldn’t stop you when you can find so many creative ways to pay for any vacation you want. So, ask for your days off and try out a few of these.

Side jobs

You may have already thought of getting a side job for extra cash. But you might not have researched the possibilities yet. So many opportunities are out there, you are sure to find one suited to you. Some will depend on your work schedule, but others you can do on your own time. For instance, if you have a day or two off during the week, you can sign up to substitute teach at your local schools. Or you can start your own business, such as dog-walking or baby-sitting on your off-time.

Many side jobs are even web-based so you never have to leave home. Transcribing, writing, web design, and bookkeeping are all examples of jobs you can do from your couch. You can find dozens of websites where you can list your services and snag jobs like these.


If you feel the need for a vacation is urgent, taking out a loan may not be such a bad thing. This is especially true if your boss gives you a weekend off at the last minute and you won’t get another for a while. In these cases, saving and planning just won’t help you out.

Fortunately, you can get last-minute loans to fund your trip. And online payday loans are usually the easiest choice. Typically, these loans take just minutes to apply for, and you’ll have access to your funds within 24 hours.

Credit card rewards

If you use a credit card anyway, use one that offers travel rewards. Many major companies, such as Capital One and Discover, offer credit cards that earn you flight benefits every time you make a purchase. Other cards offer points for hotel stays and other travel perks. If you use your card responsibly, you can make almost all your purchases on it and pay it off during the grace period to avoid interest. You’d be surprised how quickly these points add up!


Believe it or not, some vacation planning companies allow you to book vacations on layaway. Some airlines, such as United and Southwest, offer layaway as a form of payment on their vacation sites. And other companies such as Sears Travel and also have the same perk. But what many people don’t realize is that this is also an option available with most travel agencies. They usually only require a small deposit to get started on your trip, and will allow you to make as many or as few payments as you’d like.


Workamping is a fairly new term that refers to people who work while they travel as a way to pay their expenses. They pick up short gigs everywhere they go that pay for lodging, food, and other costs. Examples of this might be doing maintenance at a campground for a couple of weeks in exchange for a free camping space. Or you might find a job as a cook at a camp where they’ll give you free room and board.

Keep in mind that the more people you travel with, the more ways you can split your expenses. You can rent holiday cottages in St. Mawes with several friends, split fuel costs, and even get your own groceries to save on meals. Workampers can find jobs through various online job boards. Or they can join some of the many Facebook sites dedicated to the activity.

Paying for a big vacation doesn’t have to wipe out your bank account. Make use of these tips and you’ll find plenty of ways to make it work, even if you only have a couple of weeks.