‘I just Returned Home’… The Management Team Went Directly to the Jincheon Athletes' Village Instead of Returning Home

Preparing for the national team selection match next month... Field training in Australia is also planned after April.

With the 2024 Paris Olympics just 5 months away, the Korean swimming team, which returned from Doha, Qatar with its best performance ever, heads straight to the Jincheon Athletes' Village without stopping.

The swimming team, which won two gold medals and one silver medal at the 2024 International Aquatics Federation World Championships held in Doha, returned to Korea through Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 19th.

Usually, athletes who return from a major international competition go home first, spend time with their families, and then slowly resume training. 온라인카지노

However, the national team coaches closed their eyes out of apologies for the players, but went ahead with the ‘direct trip to the Jincheon Athletes’ Village.’

National team coach Jeon Dong-hyun said, “Originally, we would have returned home today and then called up around the weekend.

However, as the national team selection match is a month away, coach (Lee Jeong-hoon) decided to go straight to the Jincheon Training Center, train lightly, and then stay out for a while on Thursday (22nd).”

Kim Woo-min (22), Hwang Sun-woo (20), Yang Jae-hoon (25, Gangwon Provincial Office), Lee Ho-jun (23, Jeju City Hall), and Lee Yu-yeon (23, Goyang City Hall), who won the men's 800m relay medal in Doha, all after the new year of 2024.

From then on, I only lived in the swimming pool.

Early last month, I went on a field training trip to the Gold Coast, Australia, and trained hard for four weeks.

As soon as I returned home after training, I boarded a plane to Doha for the World Championships without any time to rest.

Even after returning with the best performance ever, there is no time to relax.

This is because we have to prepare for the national team selection competition to be held at the Gimcheon Indoor Swimming Pool starting on the 22nd of next month.

After the national team selection competition, another ‘hell training’ awaits in Australia.

An official from the Korea Swimming Federation announced that they plan to continue training in Australia for an additional six weeks after April.

The men's relay team participated in a special training camp in Australia a total of three times from last year to this year.

Thanks to the intensive training in the outdoor swimming pool, the athletes' physical strength improved greatly, and their race management skills also improved as they absorbed advanced technology from Australia, a management powerhouse.

The Korea Swimming Federation independently analyzed that thanks to the training camp in Australia, they were able to win three medals, including two gold medals and one silver medal, at the Doha World Championships.

Coach Jeon said, “The Australian national team selection is scheduled to be held in June, but I think I will finish training and return home before then.”

When I return from training in Australia, the Paris Olympics are just around the corner.

The goal is to go through intense training ahead of a big competition and achieve optimal condition through 'tapering', a process of building a body suitable for competing, then enter Paris Olympics and prepare for the competition.