Online Education Platform: What You Need to Know About?

Online classes’ evolution

The 21st-century vision for education has been virtual classes. There have been many top virtual classroom platforms developed for that purpose that use sophisticated technology. Home-schooled children have been using top education platforms to study.

Students who have been attending school and educational institutes physically still look up to top online learning platforms for extra help and guidance. With the increment in popularity of the internet and advancement in technology, many online-based top education platforms have emerged. But the ongoing pandemic has forced every student behind a screen in a virtual classroom.

Challenges of the online classroom-

  • To keep the students engaged and active while attending the class.

  • Keeping the classes interesting enough, so they actually attend it and not just log in for the sake of attendance and go on about their business.

  • Effectively communicating the content being taught has become a little tough. It has become hard for teachers to figure out whether or not the students have understood the topic.

  • Poor network connectivity and weak internet connection in some areas where the teacher or students live make it difficult for them to conduct and attend the classes, respectively.

Tips and solution

How can these challenges be overcome-

  • You can constitute a class of small lectures of 15 to 20 minutes with breaks in between.

  • You can include external informative sources like YouTube, etc., to keep the class more interesting and students engaged.

  • You could begin the class by hosting some Ice-breaking activity or introduction to form a community amongst students, which would’ve happened organically if they were physically attending the classes.

  • Teach by doing. Don’t just display notes and read them. Keep the lectures such that they include the students. Do give their feedback and ask doubts to get an experience close to attending a physical class.

  • Create unique individual plans for each student with integrated technology so that you can track their progress and work.

Everyone can hope and pray for the pandemic to get over as soon as possible, but practically, we must prepare and adapt to such a lifestyle of lockdown and isolation. It is important to charter a curriculum that doesn’t put the future of students’ at stake and present doesn’t compromise with their mental health.

They should be provided full assistance and aid in adjusting and setting up online classes. Top education platforms can collaborate with top virtual classroom platforms to become the best virtual classroom for their students. To become one of the top online education platforms, you should value the feedback of your students.

After all, and only they can judge you the best. Educating the youth is a great responsibility they are the future of humanity and compromising in delivering the education means compromising with the future. The first step towards improvising is understanding the problem, and they at poll everywhere offers just the solution for that.

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