4 Tips To Remember Before Buying Second Hand Activa In Bangalore

The two-wheeler market in India is one of the largest in the world and that is the reason why the popularity of two-wheelers including second-hand Activa in Bangalore is over the roof. Since its inception, Activa has become a synonym for scooters in India offering a smooth riding experience and amazing mileage for everyday commuters. Although the scooter first came out on the market in 2001, since then it has always delivered terrific performance in the two-wheeler industry.

Honda Activa is one of the most popular two-wheeler vehicles to date and it offers its users an out-of-the-box riding experience along with better mileage, comfortable seat arrangement, fuel efficiency, etc. In a bustling city like Bangalore where the living expenses are so high, a lot of people look for ways to minimize their daily living costs. 

Especially the office goers have to spend a huge amount of money for their daily travel and the rising cost of fuel prices have made things more difficult for them. That is why using a second-hand Activa in Bangalore for your daily commute can be the best option for you.

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Second hand Activa can offer a mileage of 60km/l.

Multiple reasons to opt for a second-hand Activa in Bangalore

Activa as a two-wheeler has always been a popular choice among the Indian after its release in the year 2001 and since then the manufacturer also came up with different variations and upgradation to keep up with the market trends and right now after almost two decades have passed this two-wheeler is still equally popular in the market.

The price of a brand new Activa in Bangalore is Rs. 73,467/- (ex-showroom Bangalore) and the scooter comes in 6 different color choices. According to its manufacturer Honda, the fuel economy of Honda Activa is 15 percent which is very cost efficient according to the current market situation. 

To give you an idea of the scooter’s popularity, till September 2015 over 1 million units of Honda Activa were sold in India. This data also suggests that it will be easier for you to get a second-hand Activa in Bangalore.

Honda Activa has become very popular among Indians due to its extensive features such as control, stylish design, comfortable seat arrangements, and fuel efficiency, which also if you are opting for a second-hand Activa in Bangalore then you will be getting more than what you have been looking for in a two-wheeler.

Bangalore is famous for its traffic. If you are using a public transportation medium then reaching your workplace at the right time can be very tricky for you. If you are a daily commuter then using a second-hand Activa in Bangalore would be a great way to reduce your daily fare and travel time.

Furthermore, due to extensive traffic, you may have to start your journey very early but if you are using a second-hand Activa then the time it will take to reach your destination will be significantly less and you will have more time to invest in something more effective. This is also the same reason why food delivery executives mostly use second-hand Activa in Bangalore.

Activa is also easy to maneuver because it is lightweight.

Things to remember while choosing a second-hand Activa in Bangalore
Check the reliability of the engine

If you want to buy a second-hand Activa in Bangalore then first you need to check the reliability of the scooter’s engine. With the model upgrade, Honda has continued to further enhance and develop its engine and the current Activa engine does not make much noise and starts smoothly, therefore, you need to keep this feature in mind while checking out a second-hand scooter.

The engine of Activa has a proper cooling system and can handle a lot of stress. You can ask for a test ride and check out if the engine is overheating while in use. Activa’s engine is sturdy enough and that is why it doesn’t overheat while in use.

Furthermore, Activa does not have a gear system and that is why it is easier to control traffic. If you purchase a second-hand Activa, you will receive all of these benefits at almost half of its original price.

Check the service history of the second-hand Activa

Servicing Honda Activa is affordable and hassle-free and that is why a lot of people regularly service their Honda Activa. Moreover, Activa has a convenient and independent lift-up cover which makes the scooter's engine easily accessible. As a potential buyer of a second-hand Activa in Bangalore, you need to check out the service history of the two-wheeler, including the oil changes and belt check-ups. Due to Honda’s fair servicing cost, even if you keep on servicing a second-hand Honda Activa it will not become a financial burden for you.

Check the insurance history

If you purchase a brand new Activa you will have to pay a hefty sum of insurance premium. On the other hand, purchasing a second-hand Activa in Bangalore will accompany significantly fewer insurance premiums. Nevertheless, you must check the claim history of the second-hand Activa to know how much premium you will have to pay (if the current owner of the Activa has made multiple claims then you may have to pay a hefty sum as an insurance premium). 

Better mileage in comparison to any other scooter

Honda Activa’s current mileage is 60km/l which is a very good figure if compared with any other scooter or two-wheeler available in the market. Moreover, due to the rising fuel prices, this amount of mileage will also come in handy because with only 1 liter of petrol Honda Activa can travel up to 60 kilometers. If you are purchasing the scooty for half of its original price then it is a handsome deal for you.

As mentioned earlier if you are opting for a second-hand Activa in Bangalore then you will get to experience all the avant-garde features of this two-wheeler along with its premium mileage. While purchasing a second-hand Activa remember to check out if all the specifications of the scooter are intact. If you want to purchase a second-hand Activa in Bangalore in no time then check out Beepkart today.