6 Best B2B Ecommerce Platform Options You Should Try

B2B ecommerce is the next big thing in modern commerce. Imagine being connected to international customers to sell your products directly from the factory or warehouse. A B2B ecommerce platform facilitates business by hosting many vendors who target other businesses as customers. The vendors could be factories, wholesalers, distributors, or a business that sells wholesale products. 

When looking for a B2B ecommerce platform to help you sell your products to other businesses, companies, and organizations in bulk, you have to choose a popular one. This article will list some of the popular options for you. 

B2B Ecommerce Platform: Virto Commerce

If you are searching for a popular B2B ecommerce platform with amazing features such as a thriving marketplace, headless ecommerce, secure payment solutions, inventory management, and integrations with solution providers, Virto Commerce should be your top choice. It is a total solution for both B2B and B2C with features and integrations you need to try to believe. 

Shopify Plus

This platform hosts over 1 million websites and even more B2B vendors. Hence, it is one of the most popular B2B ecommerce platforms in the world today. It is part of Shopify that is purely dedicated to B2B. The amazing thing with this platform is that it has numerous payment solution providers and ERP and CRM integrations and that it is trusted by popular ecommerce vendors.


The key selling point for BigCommerce is its integration-friendly design. B2B sellers who use this B2B ecommerce platform enjoy a lot of features such as a vibrant marketplace with international customers and integrations with ERP, CRMs, payment solutions, and a lot more. BigCommerce is not only powerful and useful to B2B but also very secure and effective. 


This B2B ecommerce platform is designed to integrate with WordPress websites. It is available worldwide as an extensive plugin library with impressive features to customize your web shop. It is an open-source solution that powers over 25% of ecommerce websites in the world, most of which are B2B. You too can take advantage of this solution to enjoy incredible features to take your WP web shop to the next level.

B2B Ecommerce Platform: Magento

Would you like to enjoy an amazing open-source B2B ecommerce platform? Magento is also another competitor on the list of popular platforms with dozens of ecommerce solutions for both B2B and B2C. This ecommerce platform is currently managing numerous brands across the world through its extensive and efficient library.


This is considered a great alternative to Shopify Plus and Virto Commerce among other popular ecommerce platforms. If you would like an open-source B2B ecommerce platform to take your business to another level, OpenCart is a superb choice. It synchronizes with existing stores and offers numerous features including product management, thousands of themes, SEO tools, and promo codes among other tools.


Although this is the list of popular ecommerce platforms for B2B, there are many others that you can rely on. So, if you are looking for the best B2B ecommerce platform, consider these and check for more for a thorough comparison. Ultimately, they will take your business to the next level.