The Many Faces of a Managed IT Services Provider

The managed IT services sector is one of the fastest growing industries, as every single business, whether small, medium or large, requires a wide range of IT services that are managed by a 3rd party provider. Due to the high cost of in-house IT specialists, businesses prefer to outsource to a local managed IT services company and here is a list of popular services offered by such a company.

  • Disaster recovery – Imagine what would happen if a hurricane took down your IT infrastructure? Your business could be offline for days or even weeks, while a carefully planned cyber-attack could literally decimate your company. Rather than waiting for a disaster to happen, you can call in an IT expert to help you set up a disaster recovery plan that can be utilized in the event of an IT emergency.

  • Cloud computing – This is the smart way to manage all of your business data; talk to a provider of the best IT consulting in Long Island and they can show you how a secure cloud network can boost your business. Once you have a secure cloud network, you and your employees can access data from any location using any digital device, which also frees up your computer resources, speeding things up significantly.

  • VoIP business communication – Voice over Internet Protocol allows you to communicate without using the cell networks we all love to hate; sky-high by-the-minute charges make the telecommunication networks costly when compared to Internet telephony. If you approach a local managed IT services company, they would be happy to give you a few free video calls to any number and with 24/7 cyber-security protection, all your business communication is confidential. Click here for more information on VoIP solutions.

  • Cyber-security – Every business is at risk of cyber-attack and without professional cyber-security, it is only a matter of time before your network is breached. What would you do if your client banking information was stolen? You might be thinking that this kind of stuff happens to other people, yet cyber-crime is much more common than you might think. If you would like to know how effective your cyber defenses actually are, ask an IT support company to carry out penetration testing, when ethical hackers try their best to penetrate your network defenses.

  • IT hardware support – We all know just how unpredictable computer hardware can be and if you take out a fixed fee hardware support package, whatever happens, your IT equipment will always be online and ready for action. This covers computers, printers, scanners and photocopiers, all of which are under the umbrella of hardware support.

If you want the very best in IT technology, talk to a Long Island IT support company and take a look at the diverse range of services they can provide. With their help, your business can develop to a high level and enjoy state-of-the-art connectivity with round the clock support.