Is Good?

When it comes to online casinos, one of the questions that people toss around most frequently is if a site is “good.” The tricky thing about answering that question is that asking ten people might produce ten different answers. But luckily for you, I’ve gone ahead and done some thorough research of one of the top online casinos in Canada right now, The reason I chose to take a deep dive into BigFaFa is that it has consistently been one of the most talked-about online casinos for quite some time now. In short, I’ve had more people than I can count ask me if BigFaFa is “good.” Well, without mincing words, the answer is an astounding, “YES.” 

There are some particular features I look for when it comes to online casinos, and when winning real cash is at stake, I make sure to give every aspect of their site and user experience a careful look. So, what makes one of the best online casinos out right now? Let’s take a look. Has Games You Actually Want to Play

The first time I headed over to the BigFaFa website, I was immediately taken by surprise by the wide variety of games that were displayed prominently on their home page. I’ve found that so many online casinos feature their slot games, and their card game options first and foremost. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that necessarily, but I like seeing the wide variety of games that are available right away, so I know what the site is offering to me.


What I quickly realized was that the games that BigFaFa offers not only provide awesome opportunities to win real cash, but they’re actually a ton of fun to play. There was a ton of games that I could have played, but I zeroed in on a few that struck my eye. One of the best parts of the site is that there are simply so many options, with new games being available virtually every day, that there will always be games that interest just about anyone. Having them displayed right on the home page just makes it that much easier to click and play right away. Has the Best Sportsbook

I love playing games and winning cash, but I also enjoy placing bets on sporting events. One of the questions that I had when I first started looking into was if they would have a sportsbook that was up to snuff with some of the other ones that I have seen on the internet. After I finished playing some awesome games, I started looking at their sportsbook, and man, was I pleasantly surprised with what I came across. 


I was honestly expecting a handful of sports options to bet on, but had so much more than that available to wager on and earn real cash. Whether you enjoy betting on professional or college sports, there are options to bet on over two dozen different sports at any moment in time. Heck, I even contemplated betting on an Esports tournament that was going on. That’s not my thing (maybe one day), but the fact that I could have was really cool and I’m sure that anyone looking for a specific sport or event will find exactly

what they’re looking for at Makes Depositing and Withdrawing Easy

One of the first and most important parts of any online casino experience is making a deposit. BigFaFa makes putting cash into your account as easy as a few clicks. I have my card info saved so I can easily make deposits whenever I feel like. I was impressed with how streamlined the interface was while initially setting up my deposit info and was pleasantly surprised with the lack of any type of hiccups throughout the entire process. I can’t begin to tell you how many online casinos I haven’t even gotten to enjoy because their of flawed deposit interface and several bugs that made the whole process brutal. 

When I wanted to withdraw some of the real money I’d won, it was beyond easy. Whether you want a direct deposit, check, or even cryptocurrency, BigFaFa has you covered. One of the things that separates them from other online casinos and betting websites is that they get you your cash in only two days, whereas most other betting sites take at least three. With plenty of options for withdrawing, there will most certainly be something for everyone. Isn’t Just Good…It’s Great

BigFaFa has been gaining the attention of some of the most experienced online gamblers in Canada and many other countries across the world. I could seriously go on at lengths about all the different features that make this online gambling site the best around, but your best bet is to check it out for yourself. If winning real money and having fun are things you enjoy, there are thousands of people waiting for you to join them. Sounds great, right?