What are the psychological benefits of tantric sex and how to practice it?

More and more people are talking about tantric sex, but although it is becoming more popular, the truth is that there are still many people who do not know what it is or do not know how to differentiate it from traditional sex. You can read about All Stars Escorts London here.

The first thing to keep in mind is that tantric sex is not the same as traditional sex. It is more different than it may seem at first, hence we can say that tantric sex allows you to enjoy totally different experiences. Of course, it is not something you learn from one day to the next, you need to practice it in order to get the most out of it. Read more Manchester Escorts

Tantric sex is a discipline that has evolved from tantra. We are talking about a discipline that is very close to Buddhism and Tantric Hinduism. This means that we are dealing with a type of sex that focuses on the philosophy of sexual experience and, above all, on the connection between the two bodies. To give you an idea, one of the main objectives is to unite energies in order to be able to experience sensations that otherwise could never be experienced. Thanks to this, the person is more aware of reality and can have a more realistic view of the world around them.

Psychological benefits of tantric sex

Tantric sex offers a lot of psychological benefits. But to enjoy them we always have to go to a good erotic massage centre in Madrid like Tantra Palace. In that centre they have experts in the tantric world, so experiencing the true essence of tantric sex connection is much easier. In such erotic massage centres you can enjoy the following psychological benefits:

  1. Living in the present: this is one of the main benefits that can be obtained on a psychological level. Many people practice it for pleasure, but without a doubt, the real benefit comes when we realise that what is important is the present. For this reason, this type of philosophy helps directly to get a little aside the problems and enjoy the moment. A good tool to disconnect and let go of stress.

  2. Communication: it is a good tool to communicate better with the other person. This means that you can get to know more about them and consequently it is easier for emotional ties to be stronger.

  3. Connection: through the intimacy that tantric sex offers, the connection between the two parties is superior. It is a really nice feeling to see the connection happen. Of course, such a connection helps to make the emotional bonds stronger. Many couples use this form of sex to bond strongly and get to experience things they had only experienced at the beginning of the relationship.

  4. Solving sexual trauma: People who have suffered negative sexual trauma tend to try to reject sex. But it is important to know that tantric sex helps to overcome emotional barriers more easily. It really presents itself as a good tool to enjoy sex again and leave traumas behind.

  5. More libido: thanks to more energy and sexual desire, lubrication increases. Added to that is an increased libido, which allows for new forms of satisfaction. Even people with a low level of self-esteem can see how the improvement is clear, hence the vast majority of people who opt for this method are always satisfied.

How to practice tantric sex

To get the most out of it, from afrodisiacospedia.com they offer us a list of aphrodisiac foods that allow the experiences to be even more satisfying. And as nobody is born knowing, it is important to practice in order to reach the climax of this modality. To achieve this, it may be a good idea to practice some of the following exercises.

  • Eye contact: to achieve a good initial connection, a fixed and penetrating gaze is a great tool. That gaze does not have to be forced, it should always be natural so that love and connection starts to flow in both people. A great tool to live in the present and start to undress emotionally.

  • Exploration of the valley: to put this section into practice, it is vital to adopt an attitude of full attention and above all to be perceptive towards the person's body and face. The aim is to feel the other partner with all five senses and thus notice every nook and cranny of their body. Exploration is vital to get to know the other person in depth and to achieve a superior connection.

  • Present: to enjoy tantric sex you must learn to live in the present and forget about the past and the future. You have to enjoy the moment, so it is vital to learn to disconnect. When you live in the moment, you can enjoy the physical connection, looks, caresses... If you haven't tried it yet, I invite you to look your partner in the eyes with desire and love. If you enjoy that look, you will feel very pleasant things that will be the beginning of the experiences you will enjoy with tantric sex.

  • Breath control: learning to control your breathing is vital for enjoyment and connection. It can be a good option to stand in front of your partner, both naked, and try to connect your breathing. This way you get into the same rhythm and the connection is always much easier.

  • Harmonious movement: it is just as important to match the rhythms and energy. The aim is that both people can let their emotions flow and everything becomes much easier.

  • Exploration: Believe it or not, the human body is full of undiscovered places. You never get to discover everything it has to offer. Thanks to exploration, more erogenous zones can be found that help to increase the degree of pleasure.