Do you think whether or not you should believe in astrology? Know it here!

According to the American Federation of Astrologers, more than 70 million people have a reasonable belief in astrology, and read their horoscopes daily. A study some years ago by Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life showed that 25% of Americans believe that the positions of stars, planets, and other celestial bodies significantly impact their life. If we talk about India, a good portion of people believe in astrology. But should you believe it or not? 

The primary concept of astrology is that it mainly depends on the position of planets,  stars, and other celestial bodies at the time of anyone’s birth. Then an astrologer uses that information to predict something for you. Many astrologers can predict your future. 

Who is an astrologer?

An astrologer can predict your future by checking the positions of the Sun, Planets, and Moon in an individual's birth chart. Generally, astrologer in Nigeria build a horoscope for a particular time, like an individual's birthday, and interpret the various celestial points and their positions at the event time to explain the aspects of that individual. 

An astrologer is one who knows all the facts related to astrology and understands the focus points of astrology, i.e., the cosmos and the mapping of individuals.

How are Astrologers able to predict the future?

An astrological chart is used to see a universe map at the time of an individual's birth. The astrologers concentrate on the individual at the map center, with the Moon, Sun, and other celestial bodies considered to be that individual's stars or planets, uniquely related to that person alone. 

In the ancient astrological methods, many cultures can be seen having common roots and developing unique methodologies. The significant and most common methodology is Hindu Astrology, also known as Vedic Astrology. This astrology has dramatically influenced the cultural history of the world. 

Astrology in the past

Do you think that the meme your friend sent you a few years ago was the first thing in the history of astrology? Friends, you were wrong. For a long, people have been looking to the stars for answers. Here is a timeline of the history of astrology, from its beginnings in Mesopotamia to its popularity in apps today!

For a long time, people have been measuring stars and planets. But over time, It has changed.

In the past, it was more about what would happen. People used the stars for hunting and moving. Living in time with the cycles of nature has helped civilizations stay alive.

Astronomy and astrology were the same things for a very long time. Weather is handled by the Gods of nature. After all, a flood could just as easily wipe out the food supply as the right amount of rain could ensure a good harvest. They can predict the future just by watching the stars.

How much can you rely on astrology?

Generally, numerous people try to interpret the information from their stars for advice. Astrology is established on knowing the star positions, which looks like a scientific competition.  However, the scientists does not accept any such concept of the anthology. 

Whether you believe in astrology or not, we have provided some solid reasons not to believe in astrology. 

• There is no solid proof or evidence that Astrology provides for whatever it depicts. 

• As per an astrologer in South Africa, alteration in the planetary motion will impact your personality. But, as per NASA, there are various undiscovered planets, so what about those planets? Don’t they have an impact on your life?  

• The astrologers will try to make you accept the things you want to accept or believe. If your astrologer says that you had a tough time in your past, you will think only of those hardships in your past. It is a psychological thing. 

• Various astrologers are con men. Various astrologers can be bribed and only tell you what you want to hear. 

• Different astrologers can provide different perspectives and views. Hence, if you have a reasonable belief in astrology, try to contact various astrologers. 

• various people have the same zodiac signs. As per astrology, these individuals should be identical, but in reality, they are different. 

• Reading and believing what will always be in the future will harm your life. It will ruin your present-day and make things worse for you. 

• When you start believing in astrology, you will become highly dependent on it. In other words, you will become addicted to it. 

• Believing in your astrology and horoscopes can make you believe less in yourself. That will fill much more negative energy in you. 

• The difficulties and easiness in everyone’s life are constant. Trying to solve them by astrology is not a good idea.