8 Awesome Pinterest Board Ideas for Your Business

A great Pinterest board can help your business stand out. Here are some ideas to make your boards memorable.

If you're among the world's 322 million Pinterest users, then you probably understand the platform's power for connecting people with products that bring joy or other improvements to their lives. However, Pinterest's unique appeal doesn't always mean that your company easily reaches its target audience on the platform. However, with the eight awesome Pinterest board ideas for your business listed below, that could change. Achieving your business goals has never been easier with Jaynike and their effective strategies.

What is a Pinterest board?

A Pinterest board is a collection of pins, which are images you take and upload to Pinterest or source from the internet. Pinterest boards are infographics in which every image reflects a theme or common thread. You can create a new board directly from your profile or any time you save a pin.

If you want to create a Pinterest board that only you, not your Pinterest followers, can see, you can create a secret board. Alternatively, if you want to collaborate with others on assembling your Pinterest board, you can create a group board in which all collaborators are board owners.

How can I use Pinterest for marketing?

Pinterest boards can also be used as marketing initiatives to reach your target audience. Through your Pinterest account, you can create and distribute content to an online community, educate potential and current customers, direct traffic from your Pinterest profile to your website, and create more sales opportunities.

As you consider Pinterest board ideas to reach your audience, determine which categories are the most likely to intrigue current and potential customers. Using relevant keywords and sharing your Pinterest boards to your other social media pages, such as your Twitter and Facebook accounts, can also connect your company to consumers.

Speaking of keywords, your Pinterest board name choices can make all the difference in your searchability. To choose board names that match your content and make you more searchable, first read about Pinterest SEO and Pinterest's algorithm. Then, use what you learn to increase your chances of appearing in search results and thus reaching customers.

It's important, however, not to create too many Pinterest boards. One study found that Pinterest influencers have, on average, 56 boards. This number may seem ambitious or even impossible, but as you scroll through the below Pinterest board ideas and tips, the ideas you glean may put you at this threshold.

8 awesome Pinterest board ideas to boost your Pinterest strategy

Among the most exciting Pinterest board ideas that can drive your Pinterest marketing efforts include:

1. Food and drink

Pinterest boards are home to literally tens of billions of food and drink recipes. You may want to create a food and drink board connecting all your relevant products.

A great example is the "Food & Recipes" group board by Pinterest user Joanna. Clicking on the board reveals numerous pins of delightful entrees, desserts and sides. Cookware and silverware companies can potentially come up with dozens of intriguing Pinterest board ideas that appeal to their target audiences.

This is the key takeaway with marketing your business on Pinterest: Your company doesn't have to be a manufacturer of foods or beverages to create a Pinterest board devoted to mixed cocktails, entrees, desserts, etc.

If you make silverware, reusable cloth napkins, kitchen tables, or anything that could reasonably appear in a food and drink pin, you can create a Pinterest board to promote your business. You can even do the same if your products look striking next to a cold drink or a toasty oven-baked meal.

2. Travel

Travel Pinterest boards can be more versatile than food and drink boards. You bring all kinds of things with you when you travel. Whether your company makes apparel, nutritional supplements, hygiene products or anything in between, you can find inspiration in travel-themed Pinterest boards.

For example, in Jennifer Chong's "Wanderlust" travel board, there aren't just pins of beautiful landscapes. There are people in hotel beds, pictures of gently shaded courtyards and fascinating interior design ideas.

If you think the travel bags your company makes would look good in these spaces, set up a photo shoot and begin building your board. Or, if you run a furniture company and think your chairs would complement these settings perfectly, go that route instead. With travel-themed Pinterest boards, your options are nearly unlimited.

3. Home decor

A home decor Pinterest board idea is a great starting point for your marketing strategy. Case in point is Moorea Seal's "Home Decor" board, which spans prints, plants, as well as everyday desks and chairs. Use the diversity of this board as inspiration for your own home decor board, whether you sell special photo frames or eye-catching furniture.

4. Inspiration

While the above categories have versatile uses for myriad types of companies, broader ideas, such as inspiration, can be tweaked to appeal to consumers and highlight your brand in creative ways.

One example is Camille Juco's "Dreamspiration" board. This board spans myriad occasions and locations, such as weddings, wooded cabins, sailboats and shorelines. The theme connecting all these pins is, in Juco's words, "a bit of magic and wonder in your everyday." Consider ways that your products bring wonder to consumers' daily lives; once you have some ideas in mind, build a board of evocative images demonstrating how.

5. Art and beauty

As part of your Pinterest marketing efforts, consider creating a board devoted to appreciating natural beauty and artistry. Use the Pinterest board "Beautiful" by user Anna - In The Playroom as an example of how to harness this desire for your own business needs.

Amid striking pictures of mosques and birds are images of flowers, jewelry, fruits, and fireworks. If you sell similar products or items that would create dazzling images by being professionally photographed, set up a photo shoot, and build your Pinterest board.

6. Patterns

Studies have shown that patterns, and the order they represent, soothe our brain. You can harness this effect to generate interest in your products via a pattern-themed Pinterest board. The Pinterest page Polka Dot Wedding deftly achieves this effect with its "Of Polka Dots" board, which showcases polka-dotted wedding dresses, cards, cakes and silverware.

Don't be afraid to stretch the limits of your interpretation of "patterns." You never know whether a Pinterest board of your products arranged by the colors of the rainbow could have a soothing effect until you try it.

7. Products similar to yours

Creating a Pinterest board comprising products similar to yours can gently invite your target audience to explore your brand. As a jumping-off point for this Pinterest board idea, look at Etsy's "Bath and Beauty" board.

Granted, Etsy displaying several products created by sellers on its marketplace isn't the same as your small business showcasing others' similar products, but you may find some striking, creative ways that your products complement – or enhance – other products.

However, you should ensure that should Pinterest users click on your profile after seeing your board, you have other boards comprising your actual products ready to go. Speaking of which…

8. Boards of your products

While this seems like the most obvious idea (and use) for a Pinterest board, it's more nuanced than you might initially think. Let's consider several Sephora Pinterest boards to demonstrate this point.

Sephora's "Back to School" board includes pins of beauty products the brand recommends for people restarting classes. Another board, "Dads & Grads," is geared toward dads looking to give meaningful gifts to their kids who have recently graduated. And the "Holiday" board showcases what Sephora thinks are its best holiday gifts, making customer gift searches much shorter and thereby potentially leading to more sales. Using Sephora's logic, you can group your products into any number of categories that make for an interesting, sales-friendly board.

Holidays, back to school and graduations are just the start. Birthdays, housewarmings and new babies are a few more examples. Let your creativity flow when grouping your items and identifying who might want them and why – enticing Pinterest boards might follow.