How Should A Cover Letter Be Written

One of the essential elements in pursuing a Job is writing a cover letter, and having the correct words for your cover letter gives a possibility of getting the job you want; that's why you must focus on its format when you are writing. Generally, the most crucial aspect of your cover letter is its content. The right content will make you look more qualified and enhances your appearance to appear more professional. The content of your cover letter includes the highlights of your most impressive professional experience and accomplishments and the aspects of your personality as a hiring employee. 

To construct a successful cover letter, you must include the five essential components in your cover letter format. And these are the header, introduction, highlights of your achievement, and explanation of why you consider yourself qualified for the job and the call to action.


In the header part of your cover letter, you must include the following: 

- Your full name

- Your contact information (which includes: Phone number, Email Address, etc.), 

- Your manager's information (which includes: The name of the manager, the manager's email address and contact number, and the Corporation's name and address). However, it is optional to include your hiring manager's information. It only helps you prove to them that you've done some study regarding the company that you are trying to land a job.


This part of your cover letter is the hook; you need to maximize in the paragraph your complete introduction in this part. Again, you are to talk about yourself and what you can do for the company but make it formal as long as possible. 

Avoid greeting phrases like: 

- To whom it may concern

- Dear (name of the manager)

- Dear Sir/ Madam

- Dear Mr./ Mrs.


Moreover, you can consider the following upon writing your cover letter introduction:

- Start with a strong opening sentence

- Include your accomplishments and experiences

- Advertise your skills and capabilities in what you can offer the company

- Exhibit that you are interested in the company

- Include some connections that you know or someone relevant in the company

- Radiate excitement, passion, creativity, and humor.

- Be clear and precise.

The highlights of your achievements and the explanation of why you think you are qualified for the job. 

This part of your cover letter is where you can showcase and highlight your accomplishments and experiences in paragraph form. For example, you can highlight your most significant experiences in the first sentences, and you may include your knowledge from your previous jobs or training relevant to your desired position.

Moreover, you must explain why you think you are qualified for the job. After writing the highlights of the achievement of your past experiences and accomplishments that you enumerate in the previous paragraph, you have to make another paragraph explaining why you are perfect for the job. 

Be clear and precise about your intentions, and you must be sure that what you put in this paragraph is relevant to the position for which you are applying. You may include your principles and vision for your working company and assets. Make sure to minimize your content and make it straight to the point. Managers are usually looking for short but straight-on-point cover letters when hiring.

Call to action

Finally, for the last paragraph of your cover letter, you have to summarize what you had written in the previous sections, from your work experiences to the position you are trying to get. You must include a proposition for your follow-up interview via the email address or any contact information for their response to your cover letter. Always acknowledge the manager for taking the time to read your letter.