3 Major Signs Your Business Needs IT Support

How many data breaches can you think of off the top of your head? We bet you can come up with at least two or three without trying.

Would you want your company to be added to that list? Of course not - that's the last thing you want for your reputation and your profit margin. But it happens to well-meaning businesses all the time.

Having IT Support personnel for your business can help prevent that from happening, plus they can assist with other computer-related issues.

Want to know if it's time to upgrade for your business? Read below.

1. You Have Employees that Work from Home

When we all had to work from home without warning (or choice) in 2020, a lot of people found out that their work laptop wasn't optimized to be out of the office. Or, they learned that now that they work from home, there are more complicated security issues to put up with, like logging into a daily VPN.

Now that the workforce is evolving for people to work from home (by choice) more, those situations are going to get more and more common. IT support professionals can remote into a computer that's off-site, take control with the user's permission, and fix the issues from thousands of miles away.

And if you'd like ... you can even have your IT Support be remote - though there are some benefits to having them at a central office.

2. You Have More than Ten Employees

While someone who's good with a computer can handle small issues around the office, where there are ten or fewer people, more than ten starts to feel like a full-time job. Not only do bigger networks and more employees mean more hardware, but it also means your business has a higher security risk.

Each computer and device that access the internet is a potential security risk to your company. If you don't have someone whose job it is to monitor your cybersafety closely, then you're leaving huge gaps for hackers to get in -- even if you bought the latest version of security software.

Not only can IT support help prevent cyberattacks, but if something happens, it's better to have someone whose familiar with the software and structure of your business to assess the damage done.

If your home got destroyed, would you rather the original builder/contractor came and fixed it, or someone who just saw your house for the first time today?

3. You Store User Data

If you deal with sensitive user data of any type, and these days sensitive data includes names, phone numbers, and emails -- not just social security and credit card numbers or health information -- then you need IT support to help keep it safe.

They can create a customized and secure storage plan for that data, check on the health of the database over time, and re-design it as your needs grow.

While hiring IT support does cost money, look into some of the punitive fines and fees associated with data leaks. That's not even taking into account the financial hit your business will take. IT support is well worth that investment!

Getting IT Support Services

Nowadays, it's easier than ever to get IT Support for your business. You don't even need to hire someone on-site - you can have remote support, hire independent contractors who will come to you, and pretty much any other combination you can think of.

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