Trollishly: How Do Long Videos And Stories Help TikTok Marketers?

TikTok is a way popular app all over the world. No one can tell that they are unaware of TikTok. It has acquired that much popularity in a short time. TikTok was launched in 2016 by the Chinese technology company Bytedance and is now available in 150 countries and 75 languages. It is a platform of short-form videos that quickly draw the attention of millions of users. When TikTok is compared with other social media platforms, TikTok has reached fame as the most downloaded app in 2022. 

Moreover, TikTok, with the changing landscape of the world, is launching several new features then and there. As far as familiar, we know TikTok for short video formats alone, but now it has extended the time frame for videos to 10 minutes. Isn't it quite surprising? Yes! It will be more beneficial to marketers and brands. For instance, if you are looking for brand engagement on TikTok, you can buy tiktok likes and shall gain stardom on TikTok. 

Benefits Of TikTok Long Videos 

Since the launch of the TikTok platform, it has competed with other giants of social media platforms. This feature will make TikTok a milestone for growth. Every creator knows that the algorithm in TikTok is central to understanding the app. Suppose you get to know that ultimately, you can become successful on TikTok. As video length maximization is an excellent improvisation, it is challenging for marketers to utilize it to its potential. 

Currently, the algorithm will boost your video mainly based on watch time rather than video length. On the other hand, the TikTok video with lengthier time will help to explain your brand's product and services in an in-depth manner. The marketers shall explain how this product works, the benefits of using the product, and much more.

 For example, in cooking videos, you can explain the ingredients, their benefits, the cooking steps, how each element contributes to the dish, and the final plate presentation. It will help creators to know better about what they are doing. So it will drive the traction of more audiences and will make your account followed by others. If you plan to build fame on TikTok, you can leverage Trollishly and maximize your popularity. 

TikTok Stories

Another exciting feature is TikTok stories. As several apps now have these features, which are pretty approachable and usable, creators can confidently try on TikTok. TikTok stories will allow you to post a short video of 15 seconds, automatically deleted within 24 hours. If you share a story on TikTok with the audience, you can view it on a separate tab. When the story is available in your profile, it will show a light-blue circle in the profile. 

How To Use TikTok Stories Effectively? 

Creators can post day-to-day routines in their stories. If you don't have access to TikTok stories, you can't post them. If you have a certain number or group of followers, you can use TikTok stories. Make sure you post the most happening activity in the TikTok stories. In TikTok stories, users can publicly comment on their opinions. So, creators can understand the audience's needs and can improvise on their different stories. This option enables two-way conversation. Moreover, TikTok has announced stories will be accessible to more accounts in the future. 

How To Create An Excellent TikTok Story? 

Follow the simple tips to create a compelling TikTok story. 

  • Tap on the camera to record the video, or you can upload photos or videos from the camera roll. 

  • You can edit your TikTok content with filters, sounds, effects, texts, or stickers. You can mention the relevant hashtag and write compelling captions to 

  • Now you can post to the story, and your profile will change to a blue circle. 

Why Should Marketers Use TikTok Stories? 

The TikTok story feature will show the audience that you are active on the platform. Furthermore, you need not worry about the results as the TikTok story will disappear in a few hours. If you want to enrich your performance on TikTok, try using Trollishly and gain credibility from the audience. 

TikTok stories may help you boost from zero to millions of followers with a single viral content. Moreover, making TikTok videos will not take much of your time. So you can update it daily without any obstacles. Of course, as it is a new feature, nobody knows whether it will go well or not. But on the other side, a thumb rule is that new features always will hit on TikTok and make your video go viral. 


TikTok stories and long videos are great ways to build the TikTok community. Users who do not follow you can't see your stories or lengthy videos. So, the main thing is that you need to grab massive followers. Some ideas of what you can share on TikTok stories are: Behind scenes content, Q & A, daily activities, Promo codes, Tips and tricks, announcements, etc. We hope this article will help you go forward on the right path for growth in TikTok. Thanks for reading!