Foods for Improving Sex Life

Eat These to Improve Sexual Performance

They say time flies. We say good time flies. But when one is being with their loved one between the sheets, the last thing that one would want is time to fly and man to finish too soon. No one enjoys a minuteman, though that doesn’t mean the love making has to last the whole night. Journal of Sexual Medicine’s study presents that on average a couple spends 3 to 13 minutes bumpin’ and grindin’. On the other hand, another research reports that women desire the love time to range between 15 to 25 minutes.  Overall, satisfying the partner’s need and attaining sexual gratification is the general notion of pleasure of bed.

To perform better in bedroom and have healthy libido, one can eat certain food as Dr Singhal, Sexologist states that people can use food to enhance their libido and improve the sexual performance. There are certain foods that are immensely beneficial in this context, such as

  • Walnuts

  • Strawberry

  • Avocados

  • Watermelons

  • Almonds 

Also, one must completely abstain from alcohol and smoking as it may increase the desire but decrease the performance.  Here is the list of food, consumption of which ensures to keep you holistically healthy and improve your sex life. 

  • Walnuts: Resembling to the shape of brain, these nuts are enriched in omega 3 & antioxidants and considerably improves the quality of sperm. Inclusion of these nuts in diet promises to enhance the fertility rate. Consuming two handfuls of walnuts regularly for 14 weeks improve the sperm count.

🡪Strawberries and raspberries: Packed with vitamin, fiber and zinc, these fruits protect heart, increase good cholesterol. Generally, level of zinc decreases in body while making love. Presence of zinc in these helps body prepare for sex in women. While in men, it regulates the testosterone level for producing sperm.  Impotent males, who remain deprived of a satisfactory intercourse due to poor erection and early discharge,  can trust Super Kamagra UK for an unforgettable love making session.

🡪Avocados: Rich in Vitamin C, E, K. B6 and Folic acid, Avocados are sought after for maintaining healthy sex drive. Presence of vitamin B6 balances the hormones while folic acid pumps energy in body. 

🡪Watermelon: The juicy fruit not only keeps one hydrated, but is also known for enhancing libido and improving erections. Containing citrulline, watermelon releases amino acids and arginine in body that takes care of vascular health.

🡪Almonds: Research reports that 60 grams of almonds everyday considerably enhances sexual desire and orgasm quality. It contains arginine that is known for relaxing blood vessels and improving blood circulation, while amino acid maintains erection. 

🡪Chocolate: Relished for their sweetness, chocolates releases serotonin and endorphins that improves mood and balances the blood pressure. -->

🡪Eggs: Rich source of vitamin B5 and B6, eggs are a rich energy source that heals erectile dysfunction, balances hormone level, fight stress and results healthy libido. 

🡪Peaches: Peaches are full of vitamin C that reduces infertility, improves sperm count and its quality.

🡪Coffee: Drinking coffee has proven to be beneficial for stimulating sex drive and improving the low pressure. 

🡪Saffron: A natural aphrodisiac, saffron is used to intensifying sex drive and performance in bedroom. It also enhances energy level and stamina. 

🡪Kamagra Soft Tablets: Containing Sildenafil Citrate, these tablets are used for treating erectile dysfunction. Consumed half an hour before the anticipated sexual activity, the effect of these tablets last for 4-6 hours. Though, only one Kamagra soft tablet is recommended to be used within 24 hours. It belongs to the class of PDE-5 inhibitors that works by promoting blood flow to the genitals that further helps the man gain and sustains the erection till happy ending is experienced. It is recommended to consume these tablets only with water on light stomach as heavy & fatty food will slow its results. Also, people suffering from heart disease or irregular BP are suggested to consume these as per the doctor’s prescription only.