6 Tips For Using Nursing Cover And Its Advantages

Breastfeeding your baby is not just a necessity for them and their nourishment. It is a beautiful experience that stays with the mothers all their life. It helps a new mother and her baby form a bond and helps the baby trust the human touch. And while breastfeeding does not need anything except for the mom’s and the baby’s bodies, certain accessories make the breastfeeding journey easy for the mother. A nursing bra, nursing cover, breast pads, etc., are some of those must-have accessories for a lactating mother. This article will cover topics such as what to consider before buying a nursing cover online, the advantages of using a nursing cover, and 5 tips for using your nursing cover. 

What Is A Nursing Cover

While there is no awkwardness or shame in nursing your child in public, it is the most natural thing to do. But some women are conscious of their bodies or do not feel like taking the risk of letting their breasts be visible in public, which is entirely their choice to make. But this consciousness or awkwardness should not let the baby go hungry or starve just because the mother is in public. Thus, the best way to go about it is to have a piece of cloth that can be used to cover the chest area while the baby is feeding. This versatile piece of fabric is known as a nursing cover. 

Why Use A Nursing Cover While Breastfeeding

Here are some reasons many mothers prefer to use a nursing cover while nursing in public. 

  • It avoids distractions for the baby – Some babies are fussy eaters and have latching issues too. Babies need a calm environment to focus on the latch and have a successful breastfeeding experience. Letting them feed in public with a lot of distraction can result in them not being able to latch on properly and end up hungry and irritated. Thus, nursing cover can be a great idea in such a situation.

  • It gives the mother some privacy – As mentioned earlier, not all moms are comfortable nursing in public. For those needing privacy, a nursing cover comes in handy and is a saviour. 

  • A versatile piece of cloth – A nursing cover is not just a cloth to cover your body while your baby feeds. It is a multi-purpose, versatile fabric that has multiple uses. It can be used as a burp cloth, a light blanket, a stroller cover, or even a scarf for the mother when needed. 

  • No hassle of pumping milk – While travelling with a newborn who is still exclusively on breast milk, one big challenge is making milk available for them as and when needed. While you can pump breastmilk and carry it in bottles, the hassle of pumping the milk, cleaning the bottles etc., can be avoided if you can conveniently nurse in public. Just bring a nursing cover and save yourself all the trouble. 

  • Saves you from breast infections – If you do not feed from your breast or empty them for a longer time, whether it is because you have pumped before going out in public or are avoiding nursing in public, it can lead to breast infections. It can also lead to health complications for you and your newborn baby. Thus, having a nursing cover and nursing on the go is good for you. 

6 Important Tips For Buying And Using Nursing Covers

Buying a nursing cover is no rocket science, neither is using it. Yet, a few things can make the journey easy for you. Here are a few tips to help you buy the best nursing cover and use it efficiently. 

While Buying A Nursing Cover

  1. Generously Sized – Make sure you buy a large-sized nursing cover that can wrap around you and still have some fabric on the sides. Babies can pull onto the nursing cover and make it uncomfortable for you to keep adjusting the cover, again and again, thus interrupting the baby’s slow feeding.  

  2. Comfortable Material – If your baby feeds for, say, 20 – 30 minutes each time, they will be covered with a nursing cover for those 20 – 30 minutes. Thus, ensuring that the material of the nursing cover is light and breathable is extremely important. Modal or cotton are the best materials to look out for. You can even look for hosiery cotton or woollen nursing covers during winters. Some people who love knitting or crochet also make cute and comfortable woollen ones for themselves or new moms in the family. 

  3. Multi-Functional – Some nursing covers, such as SuperBottoms Stole Style Nursing Cover, are versatile and multi-functional. The unique design makes it easier to use as a nursing cover and as many different products. For example, it can be used as a maternity poncho or shawl, and you can break into the fabric and make it softer with a few washes even before your baby arrives. It can also be used as a scarf or a stole once you are done nursing. 

While Using A Nursing Cover

  1. While using the nursing cover, make sure your baby has enough breathing space. The cover should not be falling on their face or making it uncomfortable for them to breathe in any way. 

  2. Double wrap the nursing cover around your body, or get one that has buttons and is shaped in a loop. If your baby has to change sides and move to the other breast, a smaller cover or a cove that is not correctly wrapped can become uncomfortable, and the feeding can be interrupted. Practice will make you perfect in this art; thus, keep practising even when at home. 

  3. If your baby is uncomfortable with the nursing cover, and even after giving it a few tries, they cannot enjoy feeding with a restricted view, think of alternatives. For example, you may want to let your baby use your nursing cover at home as a comforter and get used to the fabric and the print. Despite that, if it still doesn’t work, research other nursing methods in public and give those a shot. 

The bottom line is that your baby should not go hungry or wait to be fed just because you are in public. You may choose to nurse in pub2lic with or without a nursing cover, whatever makes you and your baby comfortable. Happy Nursing!