5 Reasons Why Your International Marketing Plan Should Include Translation

Whenever you consider planning a marketing strategy for the purpose of allowing your company to reach out beyond national borders, it is very important to take one point into consideration. Many, if not most people tend to concentrate more on searching for products in their mother tongues than in any other language. This is why it is extremely important to localize your international content. As a matter of fact, this is the best way of reaching out to international markets.  Let us check out the key reasons that require you to include translation services in your international marketing plan. 

  1. SEO localization is the key to success 

Your content, provided that it has already been adequately translated into a regional, local, or any other language that you just might deem fit for your specific business, will almost always be recognized by the more powerful search engines as being unique. You will just have to take care of standard SEO best practices. That’s it. Of course, human translators work best for all marketing content in regional languages as compared to simple bots.  They will be able to decide on and use the recuse wording to attract your target audience. 

  1. Translation will increase your returns

Whenever you translate any specific or general content, you will of course be spending a certain amount of funds on it. If you are able to do it right, you will automatically benefit from it far more than you might believe possible. There are many different ways to save your precious money with regard to translation and localization services. Here, it is pertinent to note that even if you spend a mere 4% of your annual marketing budget on translation services and manage to gain a 15% increase in revenue from it, your ROI or return on investment will be all the more positive for it. This is what highly effective localization is all about. Here, you will have to take into consideration the concept of ‘time to market’ as well. More and more products are pushing their way into the international market. The faster you get your product up and running the faster you will be able to achieve your market penetration as well.

  1. Translation helps to improve overall customer experience

Speaking the language of your customers is one of the top proofs that showcase the fact that you are not ambivalent, but rather more open to their specific needs. This way, you will be able to and actually show that you intend to understand their expectations. Ultimately, you have to convince the end consumer that their goals are as important to you, as they are to them. Here, having any sort of multilingual marketing content would be seen as a show of goodwill on your part. One which will automatically result in a whole lot of increased trust towards your product, company, and brand. Once you are successfully able to create an environment where your prospective, as well as existing customers, feel listened to, understood, and very important, they too will automatically start trusting your brand more. 

  1. Translation will easily place you on the international business map

Once that happens, your brand’s overall position in the target international markets will be safe and secure. You will also end up becoming an undisputed thought leader, who will be widely perceived as the ultimate source of highly valuable information. This holds particularly true in the context of individuals who are always looking for answers about any specific product or service. Once you provide your target audience with a unique and stellar customer experience that would be available in their own native language, you will automatically gain the trust you need and want from your international audience. 

  1. Work with the best people for the job

It would be a good idea to consider working with a top translation services company. One that is renowned for delivering the best results when it comes to building an international marketing plan. 

  • Conclusion

If you want to maintain a toehold in the international market, you should consider hiring a top-class translation company. One that would be able to pace your rapid localization efforts so that you will be able to get better returns for your marketing bucks.