How Can Teachers Help a Child Struggling With Reading?

On this earth, every human being is different from the other. You can not compare one's ability to the others. Similarly, in schools, every student is different from others and has their own reading capabilities. Some are brilliant. Some are mediocre, while some are not so good. Students who suffer from reading and memorizing things generally consider studying the most challenging thing in this universe. 

But for a better living and future, everyone needs to read and write correctly. The main character who could help in this situation is the primary and middle school teachers. They continuously keep on working over those students who find it difficult to read. The question might come to your mind: Why only primary and middle schools teachers why not high school teachers? The answer is straightforward. In primary or middle school, students are at that age where they can or can enhance their reading skills. They have enough time to work upon it. 

In this article, I will be discussing some of the essential measures a teacher can take to enhance reading skills in children. So! Let's get started: 

Encourage Them to Read Books with their Families- Family is our biggest support system. If a child is struggling in reading, teachers can advise their family to help them to enhance their reading skills. They can make their child sit with them and ask their child to read any book. If any mistake happens, it's the duty of parents or other family members to correct their mistake. Children can also increase their vocabulary.

Helping Kids with their Vocabulary- Sometimes, it's difficult for children to understand the correct meaning of the phrases or sentences given in the book. So! As a consequence, children become afraid of reading books.

This problem is mainly seen in high school children where books have some high-level vocabulary words. Despite reading more and enhancing their reading skills, children stop reading books. As a result, slowly and slowly children are simply not able to read the books properly.

One solution to this problem is that being a teacher, and you should take a basic vocabulary test in the school weekly. Prepare the names of students who are not performing well and conduct a session to improve their vocabulary. As they keep on improving, increase the level of the test. 

Text comprehension checks- students who don't take an interest in reading books generally face difficulties understanding the content. Instead of focusing on important points, they just keep reading, which might badly affect their academic performance. 

Being a teacher, you should encourage students to read more and more books and, if possible, keep the dictionary along with them every time. Please encourage students to develop a habit of reading dictionaries as it will make their vocabulary very strong. 

Moreover, solve their problems whenever they are stuck somewhere. As a teacher, you mustn't hesitate to explain concepts repeatedly until they are clear to all students. 

Divide students to work into groups- In the classroom, students with low grades are generally found to be lonely. They don't want to interact with other students, especially those who are good at studies. It is not suitable for their academics. So! To involve and interact with other students, you need to divide the whole class into small groups. 

After forming the group, allot different tasks to all the groups and work on them. It will help children to interact with each other and learn other new things. 

Assign Projects- Assigning Projects to students is one of the best ways to polish their skills. Assign different topics to all students related to their subject and submit the notes and final report. Also, conduct a short question-answer session after the submission of the report. As a result, students will spend more and more time reading the topic and highlighting the essential points. 

Also, give all possible help to the students who face difficulty with the assigned topics. Try to provide such projects regularly. It will develop their interest in reading. 


Teachers can be the best friend of students. So! It's your sole responsibility to help your students succeed in life because without your help, and it becomes challenging for them to reach greater heights. Different subject important points like math numerical formula and physics notes in one place are also helpful in boosting academic results. You can refer to the strategies mentioned above to help those kids who face difficulties in reading.