Online Poker - Is it on the Up and Up Or Run by Shady Characters?

My opinion will mean nothing to the countless amounts of individuals that play online poker. They will justify it's validity to the conclusion and will just get down right nasty with the comments. They have all the excuses and answers and follow in a nice neat line like lemmings groing through a cliff. They have almost certainly lost hundreds or even a large number of dollars to these online poker sites and have to justify it really so they really won't feel silly.

My opinion is that online poker Eropa4D slot is the largest scam the web needs to offer. it's right up there with the enlarge your penis guys (although I have not tried this device I seriously do not think it'd help). I've played at all of the websites on the internet and some are better then others but for probably the most part they're all the same.

It would appear that once you create a deposit you seem to complete well but as time goes in your bankroll will dwindle right down to next to nothing and then have no further money in to your account and have to create another deposit.

The beats you take online are incredible and it appears that all these websites on the internet appeal to bad players and I think it's because they've to. Only if the nice players won then these bad players would not think they've a chance and never make another deposit and like any business I understand these poker guys want return business so they've to reward bad play.

With this last statement you have access to the proven fact that I'm accusing online poker to be fixed..But I never said it absolutely was fixed I said I thought it absolutely was a scam.

You can take the best player in the world , give him 100 dollars and see if he could become a shinning star within that poker site. I say the clear answer is no. It may have happened a couple of times maybe but it's not going to take place often and that is how big the deposits that all these websites on the internet can get on the average.

I believe there are many people who just get it done for the entire idea of recreation and I realize that but it is not what I've tried to do.

The past 4 years I've played online poker. I also have lost somewhere around 1,000 dollars for the reason that level of time. I've mostly played the sit and go tournaments at the 2,5,&10 dollar limits. I stopped playing the ring games early in the first year because I saw a routine of individuals raising big constantly and then beating you on the river when they need to do not have even bet in the first place. So I was suspicious of the ring games from the start and have steered free from them.

If I head to poker forums and give these opinions I usually get called every name in the book and everyone desires to call me a crybaby that requires to get a book and learn to play and they only like to use the word "fix" when I use the word scam. Fixing is something completely different and anybody who plays online poker knows the stories of how some folks have "fixed" the outcome.

The word scam implies that nobody is going to win in the long term and you'll just become a customer and become your likely to the food store to by milk whenever you make another deposit.

In the event that you watch poker on TV you will dsicover advertisements throughout hats and shirts and all the big name pros say we play here or we play there, really..when would you do this but once or twice weekly maybe and you play with each other or the big half million dollar game by the end of the week. If guys like me desire to play in that one I have to plunk down 500 dollars or get lucky in certain freeroll.

Fact is you seldom start to see the big name guys playing. I say if online poker was so good why these pros will be playing in droves just to shoot the fish in the barrel, so to speak.

Online poker is computer generated it's not controlled by way of a hamster and a wheel it's run by way of a computer and everything finished with a computer needs an application even though it's tic tac toe. The RNG or random number generator is what drives these types of computer programs and there is no such thing as a 100% random computer program. Not the shuffle or the deal may be 100% random. It's a huge slot machine that's it. And I don't think there are to many professional gamblers that play slots.

The river beats are endless(usually the straight) and at one poker room I was in I say 2 royal flushes in one day. I have experienced maybe 2 royal flushes in my life.

Now you wonder to yourself about me and am I simply the crybaby that requires to by a book and learn to play. Well I really do learn how to play. You are able to ask them at the miccosukee rooms in South Florida or many of the poker rooms in Dade county. I appear to always win consistently when I play live but never win ( just here and there, nothing solid or steady) when I play online.