How Do I Recover My Google Account Using Date Of Birth?

Google accounts have been extremely beneficial for the users who go for having communication with their business associates. In such a case, losing an account can be really frustrating as you can miss some important emails that can hamper your business. Google has provided its users with several ways to recover the account but still, some users find it difficult to get their Google account back. Apart from phone number and email address, Google has provided you with an alternative which is Google account recovery by date of birth.


If you are struggling with the same issue and have no idea how to use this alternative and get your Google account back, don't worry, as this guide will help you with the steps required for Google account recovery.


Steps for Google Account Recovery via Date Of Birth


To begin the Google account recovery date of birth, you need to visit the official recovery page  and follow the instructions mentioned below:

1.      You need to mention the email or phone number linked to the account.

2.      After that, skip all the recovery options until the birth date security questions option appears on the screen.

3.      Now, you need to give your date of birth as the answer to one of the security questions.

4.      Next, wait until your Google account is verified.

5.      After your Google account is verified, you can create a new password for your account and save the same.

6.      Now, you can access your Google account using the newly created password.


Thus, this is how you can recover your Google account via date of birth. However, if you have access to other alternative options, you can go for the same and reset your new password.

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