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  • Hidragenix is a weight loss supplement created by a medical doctor named Drew Sutton.

    Using his experience in weight-related health issues, Dr. Drew Sutton created the ultimate weight loss formula. It uses capsicum, forskolin, grape seed extract, and green tea to help anyone rapidly lose weight.

    Is Hidragenix another weight loss diet supplement scam? Or is Hidragenix the weight loss supplement you’ve been waiting for? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Hidragenix and how it works.

    Hidragenix is a weight loss supplement with a proprietary blend of herbs and botanicals that support the user’s health. It was developed by an ENT surgeon who specializes in individuals who struggle to lose extra fat from their body.

    Hidragenix is an advanced weight loss formula designed to support healthy weight loss in overweight adults. Although fairly new, Hidragenix has already helped thousands of adults successfully reach their weight loss goals – all without an impossible diet or rigorous exercise program.

    If you are struggling to lose or maintain your weight, have hit a weight loss plateau, or are just starting your weight loss journey, then Hidragenix may be right for you to help you reach your goals.

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  • What is Hidragenix?

    By taking a few drops of Hidragenix daily, you can purportedly use natural ingredients to change your life and quickly lose significant amounts of weight.

    Hidragenix was developed by a board-certified ENT surgeon and weight loss specialize named Dr. Drew Sutton. Using his experience as a medical doctor (MD), Dr. Sutton created a formula to help anyone lose weight.

    Hidragenix is a liquid formula that uses deionized water with maca root extract, grape seed extract, guarana, and other ingredients to boost metabolism and help you lose weight.


    Keeping in shape is a constant effort, whether it comes to working out or engaging in a healthier eating plan. The amount of time that individuals consume in an effort to maintain a healthy weight is exhausting, causing too many people to give up on the work. Luckily, there are supplements like Hidragenix to help.

    The person behind the Hidragenix supplement is Dr. Drew Sutton, an ENT surgeon who has spent most of his career focused on weight concerns for his patients. However, with the research on the best ways to keep a healthy figure, he came up with this remedy. Though there isn’t much information about the supplement, consumers can feel confident in the fact that it was developed in a facility that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.


    As mentioned previously, Hidragenix is an all-natural weight loss formula designed to help anybody successfully lose weight without restrictive dieting or strenuous exercise. It comes in the form of a tincture, with a 200mg proprietary blend in each 1ml serving. There are 60 servings in each bottle, and you are to take two servings a day for maximum effectiveness.

    Hidragenix was purportedly developed by Dr. Drew Sutton, a board-certified, ENT surgeon who specializes in weight related health issues and weight loss management. After dealing with obesity and excessive weight for 30 years, Dr. Sutton researched ways to help a person maintain their weight.

How Does it Work?

Dr. Sutton claims excess weight is not caused by what you eat or what times you eat; instead, it’s caused by a mineral that people consume every day.

After decades of work and research in the weight loss space, Dr. Sutton believes what you eat has little to do with how much you weigh.

Instead, Dr. Sutton’s mineral turns your fat into “indestructible fat blocks,” making it virtually impossible to lose weight.

Over his hundreds of hours of research in weight loss, Dr. Sutton uncovered a secret Japanese “warm water ritual.” He claims to have used this ritual to save the lives of hundreds of people. Many of these people lost their hope of ever losing weight. Thanks to Dr. Sutton’s warm water ritual, they rapidly lost weight and achieved the bodies of their dreams.


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Hidragenix stimulates the thermogenesis process: Thermogenesis is the process in which your body burns calories to create heat, thus raising your core temperature. Thermogenesis is able to increase your daily caloric expenditure as a result, thus supporting healthy weight loss. Hidragenix contains several ingredients which are said to increase thermogenesis.

Hidragenix may inhibit your appetite to reduce caloric intake: Hidragenix contains an ingredient called gymnema sylvestre. Both animal and human studies have found gymnema can decrease caloric intake by altering your taste buds, especially related to sweet foods. In some studies, gymnema supplementation reduce caloric intake by as much as 10% overall.

Hidragenix supports metabolic function: Several ingredients found in Hidragenix are known to support your body’s natural energy producing process – also known as your metabolism. Increasing your overall metabolic function will increase your daily caloric expenditure, causing your body to be in a caloric deficit. As a result, your body will burn fat you have stored and convert it into usable energy, thus helping you lose weight.

By approaching weight loss in three different ways, Hidragenix goes above and beyond other weight loss supplements to help you lose weight faster, keep weight off, and ultimately reach your weight loss goals.


  • The Hidragenix 60ml formula is a natural serum made as a dropper for easy absorption and faster results in losing weight.

  • It is claimed to be proven by several studies in the USA to eliminate the nasty fat deposits lying inside the fat layers.

  • It is the only solution that considers the salt stored in the fat cells making it stubborn and rock-hard, and breaks it for a quick flush.

  • The solution is effortless and need not involve any strict diets or intense workouts to melt the years of fat stored in the body.

  • It destroys the existing fat lodgement and prevents further storage by limiting the salt sustaining in the body.

  • The secrets of this formula are extracted from the world's slimmest people living country (Japan) and make the results incredible.

What Does Hidragenix Do?

Any weight loss supplement can claim to help you lose weight. However, only the best supplements actually do help you lose weight.

Hidragenix comes in the form of a liquid. Dr. Sutton has added a range of natural ingredients, minerals, plant extracts, and herbs to that liquid in highly-concentrated form. By taking one serving (1mL) of Hidragenix daily, you’re giving your body the active ingredients it needs to rapidly lose weight.

The active ingredients in Hidragenix could help you lose weight via the following:


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Boosts Metabolism: Many of the ingredients in Hidragenix are designed to boost metabolism. Your metabolism controls how many calories you burn per day. The faster your metabolism, the more calories you naturally burn every day, making it easier to maintain a caloric deficit and lose weight. Hidragenix contains ingredients like guarana, ginseng, and other ingredients to boost metabolism.

Support Healthy Inflammation: Some of the ingredients in Hidragenix support healthy inflammation. Inflammation is linked to weight gain. People with high levels of inflammation tend to be heavier than people with low levels of inflammation. Plus, if you’ve struggled to lose weight, it could be because of inflammation. When your body is inflamed, it’s difficult to lose weight. Hidragenix contains ingredients like grape seed extract and green tea extract, both of which are rich with anti-inflammatory compounds.

Support Blood Flow and Athletic Recovery: Hidragenix doesn’t emphasize exercise for weight loss. However, some of the ingredients in Hidragenix are designed to support blood flow, endurance, and athletic recovery. Hidragenix contains several amino acids found in preworkout and post-workout formulas. Your body needs these amino acids to rebuild muscle after exercise.

Balance Blood Sugar: Supporting healthy blood sugar balance is crucial for weight loss. Hidragenix contains ingredients like chromium that support healthy blood sugar. Many diabetics take chromium supplements daily for their purported effects on blood sugar. When your blood sugar is imbalanced, you experience mood swings and food cravings that make it difficult to lose weight. Although Dr. Sutton and the Hidragenix team claim weight loss is unrelated to the food you eat, food cravings can quickly interfere with your weight loss goals.

Suppress Appetite: Hidragenix contains herbal extracts and plant extracts to suppress appetite. Some people take forskolin and other ingredients daily to suppress appetite, for example. Hidragenix also contains GABA, an ingredient linked to appetite control. Instead of craving food constantly while losing weight, you can suppress appetite and stick to your weight loss goals.

Supports Stress Response: Your body can’t lose weight when it’s stressed. Hidragenix contains adaptogens traditionally used to manage cognitive and physical stress.


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Ingredients in Hidragenix

Hidragenix contains a number of herbal extracts, amino acids, and other natural ingredients proven to support weight loss. In total, there are roughly 15 individual ingredients found in Hidragenix. While we won’t go into all of the ingredients, Dr. Sutton claims these five ingredients are what give Hidragenix its’ real power:

Capsicum annum: Capsicum, also known as capsaicin, is what gives peppers their heat. Capsicum is known to support the thermogenesis process, causing your body to burn off calories to convert it into heat.

Grape seed extract: Some studies suggest that grape seed extract may normalize body weight, reduce adipose tissue, and inhibit the new storage of fat.

Forskolin extract: Forskolin is said to help weight loss by promoting new muscle growth and inhibiting new weight gain. However, studies are mixed and more research is still needed.

Gymnema sylvestre: Both animal and human studies suggest gymnema is a powerful weight loss tool. Gymnema helps reduce caloric intake by changing how your body tastes sugar, inhibiting food cravings for these fattening foods. One study found gymnema extract increased body weight by 5-6% compared to no change in a placebo.

Green tea extract: Green tea extract is arguably the most well known fat loss ingredient. Green tea extract contains caffeine, a known metabolism booster. It also contains antioxidants like EGCG, which have been shown to increase metabolism up to 8% in various clinical studies.

In addition to these five ingredients, Hidragenix also contains ingredients such as maca root extract, guarana seed extract, African mango fruit extract, astragalus membranaceus root extract, Panax ginseng rood extract, raspberry ketones, GABA, carnitine, and many more.

All of these ingredients work directly together to support healthy weight, improved blood sugar control, and much more. This is why Hidragenix may not only improve your weight – it might improve your overall health.


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