Minecraft Player Makes a Glowing Pig Using Simple Commands

A Minecraft player has turned a pig bioluminescent by using commands, offering another take on the classic in-game animal. Bioluminescence may remind players of the fireflies that were as of late cut from the latest update for Minecraft. Originally meant to be part of The Wild Update, fireflies were eliminated as they were meant to be a food source for Minecraft frogs until developers learned that, in real life, fireflies are poisonous to frogs.











The dead fireflies are just one example of how lighting is an especially important asset to consider while playing Minecraft. While lighting can be extremely useful visually while designing a form, it also has an impact on the gameplay itself. Lighting, or light levels as frequently alluded to by players, not just affects how well the player can see around them, yet the way in which fast crops develop and whether mobs will spawn in an area. The light levels range from 0 to 15, with 15 being the brightest. Players that want to avoid monster mobs spawning in certain spots, similar to their Minecraft headquarters, should keep the area sufficiently bright with brilliant objects such as torches or glowstone.

Redditor Freaking_Crossing_Fan has impressed Minecraft fans with their bioluminescent pig, taking lighting to a higher level. While commenters kidded the real reason fireflies will not be in Minecraft is because this pig ate all of them, when asked how this was done the Redditor gave a full explanation. Firstly they used the Optifine mod, as it "activates Dynamic Lights" while putting the following command in the chatbox: "/thing replace element <UUID> armor.head with minecraft:glowstone." They proceed to explain that the "<UUID>" part would have to be replaced with the UUID of the substance the player's crosshair is touching. The UUID, aka the universally special identifier, is a series of numbers used to recognize and separate various instances, similar to individual pigs for example. This essentially means that this pig was combined with the lighting impact from glowstone.

This command begs the question of what other Minecraft entities and mobs could be made bioluminescent. Glowstone is a popular source of lighting among players, as it tends to be tracked down in abundance in the Nether, transformed into lamps, and gives off a warm comforting shine. That comforting shine gives off a light degree of 15, which as previously referenced, is the brightest you can have in-game. Thus being able to use its impact on things like non-glowing blocks or different animals is appealing. In the event that Minecraft developers at any point choose to bring fireflies back, perhaps this could be a tomfoolery impact of having mobs come into contact with them.

Whether it's from fireflies or the appropriate text commands, this bioluminescent pig is an adorable sight so that Minecraft players could see. Having a glowing pig that's charming to check out, however could try and be useful for keeping Minecraft monsters at bay, sounds like the ideal pet for Minecraft. Meanwhile, the mental images of other glowing animals, similar to a group of glowing chickens keeping zombies at a distance, are sufficient to charm fans to the point of wanting more.