BOTW Player Quests To Take Selfie With Every Hidden Korok

A The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild player is going about the arduous task of taking a selfie with every single Korok in the game. The latest Zelda outing and Nintendo Switch companion game have retained a passionate and intense fanbase years after its release - a fanbase that as of late expressed its adoration for the game by sharing opinions on the best BOTW weapons.

Breath of the Wild was and continues to be a landmark title for the Zelda franchise, however the open-world sort overall. Touted as an "outdoors" game, BOTW presented players with a massive, detailed map that many have generally expected from open-world titles. Notwithstanding, BOTW took things a step further by including a couple of key game design elements such as climbing and gliding, which offered more opportunity and adaptability to the player. Perhaps most important, in any case, is the density of BOTW's reality, as it is packed with areas to investigate, secrets to discover, and items to gather. The most well-known thing type is the Korok seed, which amounts to a total of 900 collectibles across the map. These pickups serve the utility of increasing inventory space, yet finding them provides fun gameplay through various creative puzzles. Some BOTW players have even used explosive methods to recover these lauded collectibles.

Due to the dizzyingly large number of Koroks scattered all through Breath of the Wild's map, many players have considered discovering all of them an almost impossible task. Nonetheless, Reddit user _pe5e_ is focused on completing this task, however they are also putting a remarkable spin on it by taking a selfie with all Koroks. A new post from this player covers the Tabantha locale of BOTW and includes 2o photos of Link posing with NPC Koroks in this area. Impressively, _pe5e_ claims that they have taken photos with a whopping 728 of the 900 Koroks hidden in the game's map.

Koroks are generally considered to be one of the most adorable and notorious additions to the Legend of Zelda franchise. One BOTW fan even made a Korok-themed calendar for the holidays, further proving their popularity. This ambitious venture from _pe5e_ is just another sign that the Breath of the Wild Korok iconography will probably persevere long into the future.

Aside from being a loving recognition for Koroks, this task is one more reminder of the vastness of Breath of the Wild. Discovering and collecting 900 Korok seeds is indeed a monumental task, yet it seems like one that dedicated The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild players will always be doing.