Key Factors To Sell Online For Real
All you need to know before launching an e-commerce

By Jose Luis Torres

Digital and paperback versions available

The words “for real” in the book title are not misleading. It is intended as a reality check. Something not often said because what most people easily buy is supposedly quick and easy: to lose weight without diet or exercise in two weeks and learn a foreign language without studying ... It is often spread the idea that it is very easy to launch an online store: installed in minutes, Paypal configured as payment method and orders start to arrive out of the blue ... the truth is that to reach that happy ending, a lot of preliminary and constant work must be done and you must take into account at least:

  • Basic Business Plan

  • Store features and functionalities

  • Logistic management

  • Customer Service

  • Law compliance

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And of course, it is advisable to know how search engines and social networks work and it is essential to have a marketing plan describing what actions can be done to promote my online store, that is, make it visible in front of the hundreds, thousands of stores that are selling the same product. Before building an online store you should be able to answer these questions:

  • What will I sell?

  • How will I sell?

  • Who do I need to sell?

  • What should the store offer?

  • How do I set up the store?

  • What should I do?

  • How to use social networks?

  • What legislation affects me?

Your online store will be a nice catalogue until getting sales.

About the author

Jose Luis Torres (1974) combines years of experience with dozens of online ventures to provide useful and practical guides. He has helped countless professionals and companies start and boost their online businesses.