The staircase island A first poetic tome!

Discover the Isle of Stairs , one of the latest series offered by the Delcourt / Tonkam editions . A shonen signed Kono Yutaka and Uzuki Ai.

Staircase Island is a three-volume shonen. The first volume was released on June 16 in France. This work adapts the eponymous novel also signed by Kono Yutaka .

“It is said that at the top of the steps from which this island takes its name lives a witch, and that anyone who longs to leave this place must absolutely find… what they may have lost when they got there. I don't know what it is. But I do know one thing. It's because when MANABE, a girl with a determined look, landed here, I had the feeling that nothing would ever be the same again… ”

The staircase island was a favorite series, let's face it. From the start, whether by its cover or by its synopsis, we were immediately intrigued.

The cover of this first volume is really very pleasant to discover, the background plays on a color gradient and the character in the foreground is very intriguing.

And the scenario is not to be outdone, we guarantee it. Indeed, the author plunges you into a universe where the characters appear overnight on an unknown island, where they are housed, fed and laundered. In addition, legend has it that a witch would live at the top of the staircase that gave the island its name. However, no one managed to climb to the top… Why? However, it would not be impossible to leave this island. Indeed, to return to the real world, it would "suffice" to find what one has lost. Not always easy when you know that our teenagers have forgotten what they were doing before disappearing.

"Rejected? By who ? What does it mean ?

I do not know. But that's what we say when we find ourselves rejected by the one we love, or by society itself. "

Many questions then arise. Why did our characters end up on this island? What do they need to find to leave? Who is this mysterious witch? So many questions to which we look forward to discovering the answers in the next two volumes.

In addition, the atmosphere is soft and transports us to a world that seems to be pleasant. Despite the characters being stuck on an island, they still don't seem unhappy. Indeed, they have access to education, they can move around as they see fit (on the island in any case) and they do not seem to lack resources either. Some scenes are poetic, others full of emotion or even full of suspense. You can go through several emotional stages as you read. This makes the scenario even more attractive and makes you want to find out what happens next!

On the character side, the author focuses on three teenagers in particular, Manabe, Nanakusa and Sasaoka. We start by following the daily life of Nanakusa and Sasaoka in their school and at home. So far, nothing extraordinary. However, that will all change when Manabe lands on the island. Indeed, unlike our two boys, Manabe has only one desire, to run away from the island! This irrepressible urge will then raise new questions. Why does Nanakusa want to stay on the island? Will he help her leave regardless of the consequences?

One of the strong points in this first volume is that the point of view of our three protagonists has been approached. Indeed, we can follow each of the three characters over the pages and see what they think or feel. This adds a very pleasant dimension to a volume which already offers us a quality story.

The design is also very interesting. Indeed, the graphics are very pleasant to discover, the pencil stroke is fine and offers us details allowing us to discover with pleasure the emotions of the characters. This accentuates the soft atmosphere in which we are bathed from the first huts.

For those who would like to experience the story in another form, a film adapting the script is also available, Go Away, Ultramarine .

The staircase island is a series that we strongly encourage you to discover. Whether by its stroke of a pencil or by its script, it is a work of quality that has convinced us from the first pages. While waiting for the release of the second volume, discover My life in prison , the beautiful auto-biographical story of Kim Hong-Mo.


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