Artelier Collection T01: A pleasant discovery signed Yen HIOKA!

After the excellent Terrarium available at Glénat Manga since last June, this time we present a series published by Ki-oon in 2010, Artelier Collection , a shonen signed Yen HIOKA!

Artelier Collection is a shonen completed in 13 volumes.

“In the world of Artelier, the genius craftsmen, the Masterpieces, have a power that is said to be granted by the hand of God. The objects and clothes they make contain a magical power capable of making any wish come true. Makumo, a young apprentice, one day discovers that he has the exceptional ability to bend fabric to his will. Accompanied by Kiriku, another wonderfully talented prodigy, he embarks on a quest to explore all the possibilities offered by this mysterious talent.

But very quickly, their path will cross that of the members of a mysterious organization which multiplies the assassinations in the four corners of the world. They will not be long in discovering that these crimes are only the first step in a macabre plot behind which are known, formidable Masterpieces! "

Artelier Collection takes us into a universe combining action, magic and comedy. A rather catchy base for this kind of series. However, the downside is that these themes are used a lot and that the novelties are sometimes not very original.

The main character, Makumo, is an orphan whose past is still unknown to us. And as you might have guessed, the latter will have an incredible destiny. Put aside, treated as a liar by the other inhabitants, he will have to face life alone and show the rest of the world what he is capable of. Again, nothing very original since this kind of main character is very classic. We find them in many shonen, as in Naruto for example. The evolution of the character then leaves little suspense, although a turnaround is always possible. We also find, there too, the comedy of situation, well balanced.

Aside from the classic side, this main character remains very endearing and makes us want to follow his adventures with attention.

On the script side, although the latter is not new, the magic is brought in a different way and still gives the series an appeal. Indeed, we follow a tailor. He will therefore have to imbue his creations with magic to give them abilities. It reminds us of RPGs, in which your character has to equip himself with armor with the best possible abilities. We must admit that this last point has us particularly more. Although our hero has difficulty using his magic, having it tied to clothes changes the hero who only needs his body to fight. This distinction gives a lot of potential to this work.

You may have noticed in the synopsis the mention of a secret organization. In this first volume, it is not mentioned at all. We therefore hope to learn more about the latter in the second volume. In addition, regardless of the synopsis, based solely on this first volume, it is difficult for us to see where the author wants to go. The common thread is rather vague. However, we cannot judge a series solely on a first volume.

Indeed, the story takes quite a long time to fall into place. Although there are action scenes, this first volume is relatively slow. In addition, the end of this volume is a bonus story unrelated to the original storyline. This can create confusion since this bonus chapter is quite extensive.

On the graphics side, HIOKA Yen offers us a very appreciable pencil stroke. Whether for actions, comedic situations or more serious moments, we have no complaints about the quality of the designs.

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