Anime Review Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge: Infinite Madness

When many slang words appear over time, mager or the abbreviation of “lazy motion” is still one of the words that is quite trending . This word is often used by young people when there is something to be done but the body feels heavy and cannot be compromised, causing many tasks and work to be delayed. But what happens when someone is lazy all the time? How do you live your daily activities?

Anime Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge , tells of a high school teenager named Tanaka who is always lethargic all the time. Unlike the average high school teenager, Tanaka looks powerless and wants to sleep all the time. For Tanaka, heaven on earth was lying in a quiet place and enjoying sleep alone. Adapted from the manga by Nozomi Uda , this anime aired in the spring of 2016 with a total of 12 episodes.

Story Premise

The story raised in this anime is not far from the title. The daily life of a lethargic Tanaka is at the center of the story presented in each episode. School life genre with a touch of comedy and romance spices worked well together. Silly moments that arise because of Tanaka's unique nature will often be encountered. These moments are the 'weapons' and make the audience always wait for the continuation of this anime. Between comedy scenes, sometimes wise words from Tanaka himself are inserted as the main character. Apart from the many ridiculous and unique scenes, sometimes there are one or two things that seem exaggerated, for example, Tanaka is almost always lazy to walk to class and has to be 'carried' by his best friend, Oota. Like comedy anime in general, the connection between the episodes of this anime is not very related. Even so, each episode is able to present a solid story that blends with the comedy elements, thus making the audience always faithfully waiting for the sequel.


Besides Tanaka and Oota, several side characters introduced in this anime are able to make the story more lively and fresh. His different nature becomes unique when combined with the lethargy of Tanaka's character. Funnily enough, these side characters are shown to seem used to Tanaka's lethargy. As the episode progresses, the audience is presented with how a Tanaka tries to adjust to his friends in various situations. Of course, without getting rid of his lethargic and lazy nature at all.

Although the story itself is not very related in each episode, the development of each character is successfully demonstrated. The side characters that appear gradually have different mindsets after Tanaka is indirectly able to change the mindset of the other characters, although sometimes in a ridiculous way. Not to forget, in this anime, a little romance is inserted , especially from the character Shiraishi who unwittingly puts his heart on Tanaka. What is unique is that these side characters always become the main attraction in each episode. While Tanaka and Oota's nature tends to be boring and ordinary, it's the responses and interactions of the side characters that make the scenes lively and interesting.

Design and Animation Quality

Anime Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge has a simple and simple character design . Both from body proportions, facial expressions, to hairstyles are made simple, although of course using certain colors to make it easier for the audience to recognize the characters. Likewise, the depiction of the background, such as the school yard, classroom corridors, is kept simple. This simplicity actually sticks and manages to blend with the theme and character traits of Tanaka itself. Although simple, some objects and characters have a pretty good appeal, for example, the depiction of a typical classroom corridor that is rarely found in anime with a similar theme.

Silver Link is the studio that handles this anime. Although the quality of the animation is not something that is highlighted here, the animation is quite easy to enjoy. The comedy scenes that are displayed do not apply excessive effects, so that they blend with the concept of simple design and animation.

Music and Soundtrack

Soundtrack and Backsound are often used in this anime, especially the tone or chanting of comedy-themed songs, because the comedy scene dominates. The opening song of Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge is sung by Unlimited tone with the title song " Utatane Sunshine (うたたねサンシャイン)" . While the ending was sung by CooRie with the title " BON-BON ".

A Self-Enhancing Motivation

Seeing Tanaka's sluggish daily life with his friends gave rise to a special view for the audience. When a laziness and to mager an already attached to a day - a day in the life of man, anime Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge shows how if laziness happens all the time. If you don't have a super good friend like Oota who is willing to always be beside Tanaka, your daily life might not run smoothly. On the other hand, this anime also conveys the message that always be yourself in every condition, just like Tanaka who never lets go of feeling lethargic and lazy at all times.


Anime Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge is able to attract attention with the unique nature of the main character. While in the past, similar characters like Oreki Houtarou from the Hyouka anime were able to steal the hearts of the audience, Tanaka's character also tried to steal the audience's attention, although with a different storyline and character development. Silly scenes are able to entertain and are always eagerly awaited. A good depth of side characters also makes this anime more lively and colorful. In addition, this anime tries to convey some messages of life that are inserted in the dialogue between the characters.

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