How much is an extra 23kg bag Qatar Airways?

If you desire to fly to your most wanted destination with Qatar Airways, then make sure of the terms and conditions for the baggage rules and restrictions. Qatar Airways is the largest flag carrier airline of Qatar, established and headquartered at Doha Airport. It works to over 100 destinations in Europe, Africa, and North America and also offers contract services, maintenance, and staff training. To travel you can buy Cheap flight Qatar Airways. Let’s do a talk further to know about Qatar Airways’ extra 23kg baggage fee, baggage allowance, policy, etc., of this Qatar airline in detail.

Extra Baggage fee in Qatar Airways:

Your free baggage grant and the fee for optional baggage depend on the way and reserved travel class or booked fare. On the Qatar Airways page, you can check with their calculator how much baggage you can carry with you and how to book extra baggage. If your bag is heavyweight than 23kg, you will have to pay a fee at the airport to check in a bag that weighs up to 32kg, known as a Heavy Bag Charge. Baggage must be 23 kg or less and in size, 158 cm or 62" (L x W x H) for Economy Classes. In business class you can carry 32 kg or less, and baggage size should be 158 cm or 62" (L x W x H).

What is an Extra Luggage Weight for Qatar Airways?

In Qatar Airways, every piece of luggage should not go above the limit of 32 kg. Baggage weighing more than 32 kg will not be accepted at check-in and must be well-thought-out as cargo.

What if you exceed the limits for checked baggage?

If you require to carry more checked baggage than your free allowance, you can buy extra baggage in advance. If you didn’t purchase extra baggage and you go above your free baggage allowance, you will be charged for extra baggage. You can find the extra baggage fees in the Qatar Airways baggage calculator.

How can you buy extra baggage on Qatar Airways?

You can purchase up to max. 5 pieces of baggage calculation of your free baggage allowance and buy extra baggage. Extra baggage can be bought up to 2 hours before leaving and requires to be added before check-in. You’ll get the low-priced on the Qatar Airways site, via their Service Centre or social media because at the airport, higher fees are applied.

How much does the Extra luggage fee Per KG?

As per the luggage rule of Qatar Airways, passengers must carry the allowable free baggage on the flight, and if the pieces and weight of your baggage go above, then USD 100 is charged for the passengers traveling in the Economy class for the extra luggage if the limit exceeds 23 kg, two bags, and the baggage's dimension. If you want to have the good baggage allowance then you have to Book Qatar Airways Ticket.

Qatar Airways Baggage limits Info:

Carry-on luggage weight should be 8kg to 10 kg and size 45 inches. And checked-in baggage limit should be 20kg to 23kg and the size should be 62 inches.