How much is a flight from the UK to South Africa?

South Africa is known for the wildlife, safari, and shorelines of the country. Many visitors travel around the world to see the beauty of the world but if want to see the real life of wildlife and safari then come to South Africa. This place will inspire you through its marvelous geographical landscape and its beautiful beaches. You can visit this country by availing of Qatar Airways UK flights to South Africa from UK and enjoy the beauty of this country. The country’s crazy life will attract you to enjoy life more closely to nature. While enjoying the safari in this country you can observe the natural habitat of wild animals which are rare in other parts of the world. Avail the low-cost air ticket from the UK and enjoy the visit to South Africa a country rich with enormous entertainment.

Average Air ticket Cost from the UK to South Africa:

Many airlines are providing facilities to passengers from the UK to South Africa. The flight cost varies according to the time and facilities. But on average a one-way ticket from the UK to South Africa cost around £275. You can easily avail of an air ticket from £244 to £400 according to flight options and time to travel.

Time Require Traveling to South Africa:

The average time needed to travel to South Africa from the UK is around 11 hours and 30 minutes. Many direct flights operate between these two destinations. These direct flights can take a passenger in 11 and a half hour to South Africa. The most operational flight destinations between the UK and South Africa are London Heathrow to Johannesburg, London Gatwick to Cape Town Intl, and London Heathrow to Cape Town Intl.

Many indirect flights also move towards South Africa which takes passengers from the UK to South Africa Kenya Airways moves via Nairobi and Turkish Airlines from Heathrow to Johannesburg through Istanbul in about 15h 40min. same Qatar Airways departs London Gatwick to Johannesburg through Doha. Lufthansa and Swiss both deal flights from London City Airport, transiting through Frankfurt & Zurich respectively.

Flights and Their Fare from the UK to South Africa:

Swiss flight can take you to South Africa from the UK for less than £400 this cost also reduces to even £366. This is known as one of the cheapest flight options with the best travel facilities to South Africa from the UK. The same if you want to travel on a Qatar Economy Class flight from the UK to South Africa then you have to spend around £600. There are more than twenty flights that take passengers from the UK to South Africa. One-way flights also operate between these two destinations. Many airlines offer these services for less than £300 flights option like Kenya airways provide tickets for just £288, Swiss airline provides facility for £293, and Condor for less than £294.

Avail Lowest Price to Travel to South Africa from the UK:

If travelers want to avail the lowest-cost flight tickets then they should get the air tickets early at least three months before the travel date. The same timing to travel is also very important such as moving in the Months of February and March will cost you less than other months. Most travelers travel to South Africa during the summer vacation but if you move to South Africa other than its busy period you can avail of the best prices. You and save around 21 percent of your travel ticket cost due to booking in the month of March and earlier than three months of travel date.