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Best Games to Play Online for Free

Kizi: If you have ever heard that phrase that says that "the student has surpassed the teacher", you can take it into account to understand how the relationship between Friv Games and Kizi has been, one of the many websites that emerged to imitate the first and, for many, it has ended up surpassing it. you can create your own gamer profile within Kizi , so that you gather all the important information about your games in one place, without having to worry about your gaming history, in case you have forgotten something.

Hopy: Probably the big difference between Hopy and other simple and free game environments is that it has applications specially developed for the two most widely used mobile operating systems in the world, both iOS, the one used by iPhones, and Android. Finally, we will be able to collect coins within the promoted video games , an option that makes sense if we think about exchanging them later for some advantageous deal.

MiniJuegos: It may sound unbelievable, but it is really the oldest site in this kind of proposals . Of course, it was first overshadowed by Friv Games but, later, its popularity served as a springboard to gain a foothold in the market. For this reason, fans of Flash-based Internet minigames have tended to look to their titles for years when they want to have fun. How is it different? In this portal, the different video games are more similar to what we can find on smartphones.

Hobba: With Hobba we are already starting with 100% free entertainment portals that are not that common for most of the public. Hobba decides on a collection of titles that, like the one on Minijuegos.com, is geared more towards traditional mobile productions , although we warn you that they all require Flash.

GameOnly: Its Favorites space is interesting for those people who tend to try many titles a day, forgetting which ones convinced them. In GameOnly you just have to add them to that list of your Favorites and check when you don't remember their names. This page is at first glance almost the same as Friv Games . One of the things we liked is that you can customize the home page.