Contemporary Art Music: Response 🎤

Contemporary Art Music: Response

I had a hard time choosing a piece of contemporary art music because there are so many options. In addition, it may be difficult to differentiate between pop and art music since pop music nowadays often uses classical instruments and other non-characteristic features. I tried to be original and choose a music piece from a sphere that is labeled as mass production now but which still has some noteworthy music works to show to people. The melody I chose is “Time” by Hans Zimmer. Zimmer is a famous Hollywood composer who wrote music for many films and is internationally recognized. “Time” is one of his best works written for the movie “Inception”.

I believe that this piece of music has a perspective of remaining a vivid example of the great music of this period of time for future generations. It uses classical instruments alongside technological sounds; this makes it both modern and lasting. I liked it for its depth and the calm attitude which revealed many emotions and, at the same time, made me willing to reflect and think after hearing the piece.

I think it will speak to future generations as a piece that contains epic features and emphasizes the importance of current events and embraces emotions and the atmosphere of the modern day. Therefore, it is a powerful piece of music that shows the ambiguity of the modern life, which is the strength of the modern events and reflections people have.

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