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At FachPack 2018 MULTIVAC will be presenting a concept for packing medical and pharmaceutical products, where the main feature is the easy removal of the product thanks to a novel opening aid.

In addition to this, a packaging line with automatic syringe infeed will be exhibited, as well as a new labelling solution, which enables folded products such as package inserts to be sealed closed automatically.

With Snapsil® MULTIVAC is showing a novel packaging concept for medical and pharmaceutical products, which is suited to packing products such as syringes, tablets, plasters, injectors, catheters etc. With their integrated "snap-opening" function, Snapsil packs offer an innovative opening aid, which enables the packs to be used more easily, even by elderly or disabled persons. When it comes to the hectic activity of everyday life in hospitals and care homes, it is simple and quick to open the packs and remove the product easily in a controlled way. Depending on the type of product, the pack can be equipped with a "click-to-close" function, so that it can be opened again for multiple use and then closed securely. In addition to this, tamper-proof protection offers the maxi-mum product safety. Snapsil packs can be produced on MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers.

The solution was developed in conjunction with the Snapsil Corporation.

MULTIVAC will also be presenting an automated packaging line for packing sterile medical products. The line consists of a R 245 ther-moforming packaging machine with a syringe infeed system, a thermal transfer printer for printing variable production data on the packs, and a vision system for inspecting the print image. The R 245 can be freely configured and offers a high level of flexibility as regards packaging materials and pack formats.

At FachPack it is equipped with an automatic infeed system for loading pre-filled glass or plastic syringes, and the system inspects the products before inserting them securely into the pack cavities. The infeed system consists of a shaft infeed system, a sep-arating wheel, a transport conveyor and a pick & place robot. All the components of the infeed system are synchronised with the thermoform-ing packaging machine, and they can be operated via its control terminal in a convenient and reliable way.