Important recommendations for purchasing a VPN

As you know, VPN can open blocked sites for us, but you must choose the right vendor when purchasing a VPN.

Important tips for buying a VPN (خرید فیلترشکن).

the trust:

It is very important that you find a reliable provider when purchasing a VPN . Ideally, you should test the software and see the reports.

Data release:

It is necessary to check whether the VPN provider stores logfiles and whether he publishes them.


When buying a VPN service (خرید vpn), you should keep in mind that the location of the service provider plays an important role. The question is whether the VPN provider is

required by law to release the data in its country.

Non-reporting of VPN service:

The most important advantage of a VPN service provider is the lack of reporting that can be experienced by subscribers, especially when the government or ISPs force the VPN service to provide details of subscriber activity. So a VPN service provider that follows a no-reporting policy will keep all your activities safe and you can get maximum privacy and anonymity.

Technical conditions and additional functions:

Some VPN vendors offer additional functions such as firewalls or other security services, or even SAX Telegram.

efficiency :

Buying a VPN ( خرید وی پی ان ) and connecting to it can lead to a drop in Internet performance (especially speed). Therefore, you should make sure in advance whether the VPN connection is high-speed or not.

Why should we be careful when using a VPN?

When using a VPN network, we must be careful about some things, the most important of which is that the credibility of the VPN service provider is certain for us. Buying VPN ( خرید vpn ارزان ) and using an invalid VPN network can lead to the loss of our security. At the same time, using a VPN also has some negative points.

The first problem with VPN is its speed. When you use a VPN, your information is sent to another country that is far away from where you live, then this information is sent to the server and reaches your computer or smartphone again through this distance. Due to this, your connection speed will decrease.

The second is the limited resources available to VPN servers. When many people connect to the VPN server, the speed as well as the bandwidth decreases drastically, which becomes troublesome for the users.

Another problem is that sometimes the VPN connection is disconnected and the user is not aware of it. At this point, the user continues to use the Internet, but the connection is no longer secure. As you know, VPN is not legal in some countries; Therefore, they cannot be easily accessed.

Finally, it should be mentioned that some online services use a system that is able to detect the use of VPN and at this time, they cut off the connection. For example, Netflix generates a lot of noise to disconnect users using a VPN.