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It is easy to include writing in almost every other subject in school when we change our attitude about two aspects of writing.

First, we must learn to stop thinking of writing as our own individual subject. Even if you use a specific curriculum that can be helpful to ensure that all mechanics and types of writing are covered - allow yourself the freedom to modify the curriculum.

If you are learning how to write a paper style, for example, not feeling like you have to follow the topic assignment in your syllabus, turn to an essay assistant.

Instead, allow your student to apply a type of paper to another subject. If you are studying the election process, let the student write a paper on the election of the president or how voters in your state vote.

Second, we need to start thinking outside the book report and the five paragraph essays. Consider the following examples to include writing in a variety of topics.


Basic reports of people, places, and events are always a great way for younger students to practice spelling, grammar, and writing mechanics. Have older students build reports and practice different types of writing. Students can withstand their compelling writing skills by choosing a side of the great conflict in history and convincing readers to share their opinions.

They can practice writing a branch, which is used to explain or provide information, stating the causes of a particular researcher’s war or travel.

Other ideas include letting students know:

Make a newspaper for the historical period you are studying instead of writing a traditional report

Writing diary entries is like being a historical figure

Write a poem about an event in history (this can be especially effective if you study types of poetry.)

Practical writing a letter in a composite letter or e-mail requesting information from the Chamber of Commerce or a historical society

Write a dramatization of a historical event

Create a comic about an event in history

Compare and contrast two events, people or places in history

Write a descriptive paragraph about a person or place


Don't overlook science lab reports. They are a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the relevance of writing and the importance of effective communication. I have always taught my students in school to include enough detail in their lab sheets that someone can reproduce an experiment based on a report only.

Lab reports allow students to practice how-to and descriptive writing. Your children can also:

Keep a natural diary or time diary

Make lists (biome species, birds found in your yard, examples of insects)

Write down the causes and effects of articles about the scientific concepts you are researching buy an expository essay address or the experiments you are conducting.

Write a paper by comparing and contrasting two different organisms


It can be difficult to include appropriate written assignments in math subjects, but it can be done. It can even be a powerful tool for understanding.

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