Museums of London

London is literally a museum mecca. As one of the world’s oldest, and most sprawling, cities, it has a huge range of archives and collections that cover a wide range of areas, from the very general to the extremely specialist and specific.

Here, for your edification, then, are some of the most visited and very worthwhile museums that you must take a trip to if you are considering a day or longer in the city.

British Museum

This is the UK’s premier and most important history museum. Here, you can delve into the depths of all humanity’s history throughout time. Its exhibits span the world and include such treasures as the Rosetta Stone, an Easter Island statue, Parthenon sculptures, and more.

Natural History Museum

You can explore birds and bones, insects and amphibians, fossils and crystals in this exciting collection of natural biological wonders. Dinosaur remains sit alongside butterflies, and an amazing blue whale skeleton hangs from the ceiling in the main Hintze Hall.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Also known as ‘the V&A’, this is the world’s largest museum dedicated to decorative art and design - in other words, clothes, fashion, jewellery, ornaments, fabric, and so on. It contains well over 2 million objects and is situated next to the Natural History Museum, as well as the -

Science Museum

Founded in 1857, this museum is all about the wonders of science: its advances, inventions, and achievements. It is quite amazing once you really think about all we have discovered and created within the scientific realm over the course of history. Prepare to be astounded, and enjoy the museum’s interactive galleries and educational exhibits.

Museum of London

As you would expect from the name, here you can learn all about the history of this fascinating city, from prehistoric times up to the modern day. Given its great age, there is far more to London than meets the eye! You can also join characters in the museum and hear their personal stories from way back in time.

Whichever of these remarkable museums you choose to visit, make sure you do buy an Oyster card to ensure your trip to and around the city is as smooth and swift as possible. You could also consider renting a days hotel in London via in order to freshen up and rest between museum visits. Even if you are visiting the Science Museum, V&A, and Natural History Museum, which are all located together, it can make for a wonderful day if you can take a shower, a lie down, enjoy some quiet time, and even imbibe a delicious meal before you head home or on to your next destination.

We hope that you enjoy your day in London at these wonderful museums. The only challenge you will find, amongst your many discoveries, will be fitting all of them in.