Why I Joined take the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program?

Digital marketing nowadays has become an essential part of every existing business. I chose to join the Digital Marketing Nanodegree, because I believe that everyone by now has to be well educated with all the digital marketing aspects in the current era of ecommerce end digital transformation as well.

Another reason that made me decide to join this program is to develop my own online business that I started in 2012. My business is basically simple and affordable daily wear jewelleries for all ladies.The business was a hit back in the days, but by now it needs a push to reach more targeted customers. The number of orders has decreased after the year 2015 as we have stopped our participations in our local exhibitions and galleries due to high costs, as it was the only channel that we were using to market the business and most of our leads where gathered therein. However, when I saw competitors finding their ways to their customers nowadays through digital marketing, I started to realize that this is the key of achieving my goal of reaching more customers and made me eager to learn about digital marketing and to enhance the way we market our products online. As I’m still in the beginning of the program, I have successfully started building the targeted persona who will be able to purchase our products, I’ve also been able to build the key SMART objectives and KPIs that will enable me to make the upcoming marketing campaign for our products successful and achievable.