Garden of Dreams:

An Escape from a Bustling City

Visiting gardens is one of the many activities I love to include in my itinerary when travelling. I always enjoy being in the lush tropical surroundings and I think of gardens as really special places. Located in Kaiser Mahal, just at the entrance to Thamel, Kathmandu tourist area, Garden of dreams is barely noticed as it is hidden behind a big wall.

We must cultivate our gardens

Voltaire’s Candide (Paris, 1759)

It was raining when I headed to the Garden of Dreams but I was determined not to miss the opportunity to visit this hidden gem amidst the rain.

With an entrance fee of 200 Nepalese Rupee, you can find peace and tranquility at this place. I honestly thought I was in another Era once I entered. The rain has stopped and I started to move around. I saw several staff busy with their chores creating a well-kept garden. While it is not too crowded inside, I still find it impossible to get a spot where I could capture the place without any tourists in the background. I might just as well include them in my shots.

I took my time to rest on one of the garden benches, charge my mobile phone, drink some water and freshen up. Oh, it was so relaxing just to sit there and look at the tourists making use of each corner and every area in the garden to capture photos.

As I walk around again, I found Kaiser Café at the corner end of the garden. The Café staff recommended that I sit at the area just outside facing the beautiful garden. As soon as I finish ordering snacks, the heavy rain poured down again, I saw the tourists sitting on the amphitheater ran towards the nearest shelter.

Kaiser Cafe offers continental menu

What could be lovelier than an afternoon spent in a garden, enjoying warm coffee and snacks while watching the raindrops.