Servings of Delight

One of the best and most exciting part of traveling aside from sight-seeing and meeting new people is trying out different dishes and discovering new flavors. It opens opportunities for anyone to learn about the country’s culture and perhaps to try the new recipes one has discovered and prepare it in his or her own home.

Dal, Bhat and Tarkari (Lentil, Rice and Curried vegetables) are considered as the main staple food of most Nepali people. Unfortunately I only had a little taste of it. While it is such a disappointment for me to miss trying out the different kinds of food which Nepal is known for, I did enjoy eating momos or dumplings (lots and lots of them). Whether the momos are fried or steamed, vegetable, chicken or buff (buffalo), they are all tasty for me!

The food featured here were served at the different guest houses where I stayed in as well some restaurants located in Kathmandu, Patan and Pokhara areas.

People will travel anwhere for good food - it’s crazy

Rene Redzepi